My days have been extremely busy which I actually enjoy most of the time. I have been going nonstop from the time I wake up until the time I go to bed (I am sure this sounds absolutely normal to all of you out there).
I have been waking up very early every morning raring to go.

However, this morning I actually woke up at 6:15 and fell back asleep not realizing it.
I woke up at 7:20 am with a startle thinking Max was going to be late for school!!!
I run out of bed and find Seth and Max in the bathroom brushing Max’s teeth!

I have a system!
My system usually includes picking out Max and Ella’s outfits the night before.
I decided not to and found that Seth had dressed Max! Uh oh, not that!!!

“But I didn’t pick out his outfit,” I stutter!
“Rebecca, I found him clothes. Everything is ok. I wanted you to sleep. You slept through my alarm and I figured you must be really tired!”
You are all thinking what a wonderful husband! You are all thinking just say thank you!

But no….I keep going!
“I wanted to pick out his outfit and I wanted to pack his lunch!”
I am literally twitching while I say this to Seth.
I should be saying thank you! Sorry Seth!

You see when I went to sleep last night I figured out what I wanted Max to wear.
Yes, I am this anal!
I also pack Max’s lunch the night before.
I get everything ready and then yes, I have a system as to how it goes in his pack it.
Max has a special lunch box that has built in freezer packs.
Max saw the commercial on tv before kindergarten started last year and he had to have them.
They actually work really well!

Ok, so back to my insaneness!
Max picked out a stainless steel Star Wars water bottle that I pack every day with his food, a napkin, a note and hand sanitizer!
One of the best tips I have gotten from a parent was to pack the hand sanitizer so that Max can eat lunch with clean hands!
I rip open Max’s back pack, rip open the pack it, and panic that Seth forgot to pack Max’s water.
“You forgot the water bottle. He needs a drink,” I say to Seth.
“He would be ok without a drink Rebecca,”

Seth is annoyed at this point.
I don’t blame him and I get nervous when he actually uses my name instead of honey or sweetie.
How does Seth think Max would be ok without a drink?
I can hear it now “Mom, you didn’t pack my drink! I had to tell the lunch lady and they had to have me get some milk because you forgot my water!”

You see Seth isn’t home when Max gets home and he doesn’t have to deal with how Max’s day has gone!
Having to drink milk is so not a big deal and yes I realize this but I want my boy to have his water bottle!
Seth doesn’t get it. He doesn’t get his anal organized neat freak wife.
He doesn’t get how much I have chilled out since I met him.
He doesn’t know how insanely neat I really am.
You see I try hard for Seth not to be as anal as I really want to be.

I look at how he puts things away and I still cringe.
I see how he “fixes” things and I get angry at his “half ass” attempt.
Bottom line is I wish I was more like Seth. Don’t fall over anyone!
Yes, I need to loosen up.
Yes, I need to not panic over what Max is wearing and if Seth remembered to pack everything in his lunch. None of this is a big deal.
If we want our husbands to help us shouldn’t we be praising them?

“Thank you honey for picking out Max’s outfit,” (even though I would never pick that).
“Thank you sweetheart for packing Max’s lunch,” (even though you forgot his water).
“Thank you honey for brushing their teeth,” (even though there is now toothpaste everywhere that I will now compulsively clean up).
“Thank you my love for fixing the drawer in the fridge,” (even though you didn’t actually fix it).
Oh women, do we ever learn?
How about just thank you.
Thank you my husband for being so amazing.
I love you Seth more than my words could ever tell you.
I will work on just saying thank you for all the wonderful things you do every day!