Seth and I took Ella to see Mean Girls on Saturday at Shea’s. They did an awesome job bringing the movie to the stage! To say that she loved it was an understatement. Ella was completely enthralled and has been singing the songs since we left! I need to buy the soundtrack! If you have a chance, go see it! It was definitely better than the movie!

On the drive home we were talking about my blog. I was telling them that the topics that are requested seem to be enjoyed the most. Ella then jumped in and said that I needed to write about Mean Girls. Twist my arm!

For those of you who don’t know, Mean Girls is set in high school. Cady is a new girl trying to fit in and make friends. We can all relate to that! I went from Mill Middle School to Williamsville East High School. All of my friends were headed to Williamsville South. I think my street was right on the border and the bus set to come down my street was for East. My parents wanted me to go to East. Maybe this is why I hate the bus and don’t have my kids use the bus?

I started off at East High School with zero friends. I cried about going every day for like three months. I had tried being a diver which was very cool but was an isolating sport. Then my friend dragged me to cheerleading tryouts and my world changed. She didn’t make the team and was beyond sweet to encourage me to keep going with it. I met my best friends and found my tribe. We all just want a spot to be in. The football team, the soccer team, FBLA, theater, cheerleading, field hockey, student council….whatever it is, help your children to find a tribe. Max and Ella’s principal said that everyone’s child should join at least one thing in middle school. He couldn’t have been more right! I made Max join the soccer team! He avoids joining anything at school but I will make him do soccer and be with his tribe!

Seth was big into theater and FBLA when he was in high school. He also joined high school having zero friends but he had such a good attitude about it. He was excited to start new and fresh and meet people. He always amazes me. We are as different as can be, but I think that’s what makes us work so well. We balance each other out!

Back to Mean Girls. Cady was trying to fit in and was encouraged by a friend to hang out with the popular “plastic” girls and report back so they could get info and make fun of them. Cady ended up becoming one of them through and through. She lost sight of herself and got lost in being popular and loving it.

What is being popular? I don’t like that word! People ask me all the time if I was popular in high school. My kids even ask me that. Who cares? Max told me he isn’t popular and then proceeded to tell me why. I don’t care if you are popular or not! I care if you are a good person!

I had a friend call me a politician in high school. I want to tell you all why that was such a brutal dig at my inner being. I just want to srpead a smile and some kindness. I want everyone to be happy. I was the peacemaker in high school who went on to become a social worker. I want people to find peace and happiness and I want to help them. Does that sound like a politician to you? I don’t like politicians.

I don’t want my kids or your kids to worry about being popular. I want our kids to worry about spreading kindness and being happy. I want Max to enjoy the few good friends that he thinks are good guys and wants to hang out with. I want Ella to notice the girl crying and ask her what’s wrong. I want Lillie to be nice to the new girl in her class. Why does anyone care about being popular?

Cady realizes through the movie and the Broadway show that she lost herself in trying to be cool. When people started looking up to her it was like a drug. She realized she wasn’t being her authentic self. She found her way back to herself. That is what life is about. Being the best version of you that you can be.

We need to teach our children that everyone is the same. No one is more worthy than the next person. No one is going to care if you were popular in high school. People are going to remember how you made them feel. Go make someone feel good. Let’s all go be true to who we are. Let’s all teach this to our children! The people who matter will always love us for who we truly are!

Go find your Silver Lining today!
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Rebecca Greene