This Saturday I get to celebrate my wonderful husband’s birthday. My husband and son don’t make a big deal about their birthday. My son would like me to brush right over his birthday. He doesn’t like the attention. However, I am here to tell everyone to celebrate your birthday. You deserve to celebrate, and you deserve to celebrate however you would like to. I am so proud of my friend for telling her husband and sons how she would like to celebrate her birthday this month.

In order to celebrate Seth, I want to share the top ten things that we can learn from him. Qualities that I admire in him. Qualities that may drive me nuts at times but that I remind myself that I was attracted to and that I need him to be that way. Seth and I are as Yin and Yang as it gets. We show daily how much opposites really do attract. Bottom line is that I definitely didn’t want to marry myself!

What can we learn from Seth and all his success?

  • Let’s start with how direct Seth is. He doesn’t beat around the bush. He doesn’t tell you a long story. He thinks and summarizes quickly and will tell you what he thinks. I have softened him over the years, and he has made me more direct. We continually learn a lot from each other, and we learn to appreciate our differences. Seth would tell you to be direct and to ask for what you want.
  • Seth likes to bring humor into situations. I can get too serious, and he will make me laugh and the whole situation will turn around. I love laughing and Seth loves to make me laugh. He’s a funny guy who likes to bring humor with him. If we find humor in our days, we will have a happier life.
  • One of my very favorite things about Seth is his passion. If Seth could give you some advice, he would tell you to go find something to do every day that you are passionate about. I tell our children to find a career that they will want to go do every day. A career that doesn’t feel like work. Seth isn’t lukewarm about things. He is passionate about his marriage. He is passionate about being a dad. He is passionate about being an entrepreneur. He exhibits how to put your all into things.
  • It can be scary for someone like me, but I love that Seth is a risk taker. When I was pregnant with our first child he decided to start his own business. I was nervous but I also have faith in him. He continued to open more businesses. He continues to grow and spread his wings to other risks. His risk taking is the reason that we are in the position that we are in. He teaches me that we shouldn’t always play it safe. We need to get out of our comfort zones to see the pay offs and to grow.
  • The passion and the risk taking are big reasons for his success but so is his hard work. Seth thinks people need to work hard. This includes our children. Where I can be too soft with our kids, he compliments me in the parenting department in many ways. He expects them to study hard and get good grades. He is up early in the morning with me. He is at his computer working before he goes to work. He gets to work early and usually makes it home for dinner. When he is home with us, he often takes phone calls and has to go back to his computer to work on things.
  • Never stop learning and growing. Seth always has a book in his hand or is learning a new hobby. He has read many more self help / inspirational books than I have. He is regularly practicing the piano and the guitar. He bought himself a cold plunge to add something else beneficial into his life. He doesn’t stay stagnant, and it really inspires me. Advice from Seth as I speak for him again is to find something new to learn on a regular basis.
  • I tell Seth that he is a master problem solver. If you have a problem, Seth will listen to you. He wants you to tell him the problem and then he wants to help you solve it. If Seth has a problem, he doesn’t spend a lot of time perseverating about it. He works towards steps to solve the problem. If I want to discuss something and I just want Seth to listen, then I have to tell him that. He will listen and be a good husband. He won’t listen to it over and over. Seth isn’t going to let himself or anyone else stay stuck in a problem.
  • Which leads me to the awesome quality of taking action. When something happens, I may look like a deer frozen in headlights while Seth is already running out of the street and getting out of the way. When a car was coming at me on the thruway I totally froze and braced myself while Seth was moving us out of the line of fire. That is who he is. He takes action. What actions need to be taken right now? That is the question that probably runs through Seth’s mind.
  • If you want to be successful, you need to be resilient. This is one of the best qualities that we can all teach to our children through our example. Seth has shown resilience in the 20 years that I have known him, and I know that he was showing it before I showed up. Seth started from ground zero and built his businesses up. He has come across a bunch of bumps and twists and turns along the way. He has wonderful employees. He has also dealt with not so wonderful employees. He has wonderful clients, and he has also had to deal with not so wonderful clients. He gets through the hard times. He dusts himself off and he gets back up again. I see his stress. I see him get upset. I also see him as a resilient successful man.
  • Last but certainly not least is Seth’s optimism. I remember complaining about doing the dishes. Seth said, “it means that we had a meal together. We have food to eat and dishes to eat it on.” Was I annoyed? Yes! Had I ever thought about it that way? Not at all! He finds meaning in a mess. He looks at the glass as half full. He can reframe almost anything you say into something positive. If all of you think that I am a positive person, I don’t even compare to Seth. I worry more. I get nervous more often. Seth is my optimistic rock. If you can find the meaning in all your messes, then I bet you can be successful too


That is my summary of the top ten qualities and reasons why Seth is successful in his marriage, parenting, business and life in general. I can’t wait to see what’s ahead for him. Life with Seth is never boring. He definitely keeps me interested and keeps me learning and growing with him. I am excited for another trip around the sun with him. Happy Birthday Seth. I’m so thankful for you. My love, appreciation, respect, and admiration for Seth grows every day. I would love to hear your favorite qualities about your spouse and what you learn from them!


Laughing, Learning, Loving,

Rebecca Greene, LCSW-R


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