We took a “Sick Day!”

I pick Max and Ella up from school and Max has that look…. He looks ill and clammy with no other symptoms.  I think he has hit a wall and I know already he is going to try to get out of school tomorrow.  I try to be tough (not in my nature) most of the time.  I push myself to do what I think is the right thing as a good parent.   I am a natural softy if I am truly honest with myself.

It is the next morning and I walk into the family room and see Seth and Ella cuddled on the couch.  The time change has absolutely sucked!  Ella has been dragging all week and I see her laying there half asleep on the couch and the wheels start spinning that I should let her rest.  I have been pushing my sweet girl all week to get up and get moving as she dragged herself around.  My usual peppy princess was pooped!

Max comes climbing down the stairs and gives me that look!  I know what that look is, it is the please don’t make me go to school look! He doesn’t have a fever, he isn’t throwing up, but he looks ill.  I have plans at 10 AM with my girlfriends that I was excited for! Sometimes being a mom really cramps my fun!!  I look at Seth and we call it – NO school today kids!  Max is relieved and Ella looks completely confused! You know what, sometimes it is ok to rest!  Sometimes it is ok to not push push push!  My kids needed rest, it was obvious!

I started to tear up with frustration because sometimes I just want me time!  Sometimes I want girly friend giggle time!  Seth being the amazing husband that he is rested with Ella while I pounded out my frustration on the treadmill and got to take a shower without any kids screaming at the door!  Amazing how a shower by myself can completely make me happy!  The little things I used to take for granted!

Seth heads out to work and I am left home with three kids!  I cannot believe how easy it feels to have one child home with me every day while the other two are in school!  It has spoiled me!

Ella and Lillie were already screaming and fighting about playing with all of Ella’s new birthday toys.  This was not going to be a fun day for me!  Can you remind me why I let Max and Ella stay home today???

I let the kids have a lazy few hours and then arrange to go return stuff that I borrowed for Ella’s party.  I need to get out of the house!  Max seems completely fine and I warn him that he is going to school tomorrow!  After our drop off we decide to go to Anderson’s for lunch.  Seth stops by to say hello and we run into one of my closest friends.  The day was looking up!  Sometimes you just need to get out of the house!!!

Next I arrange to meet my friend in a Tim Horton’s parking lot to give her girl scout cookies she ordered!

Girl Scout Cookies!!!! Let me tell you about girl scout cookies….
Ella sold a ton!  I am so proud of her!  Now I have to find everyone to give them their cookies!  I am meeting people in parking lots!!!!!!  I am going to get rid of all of these cookies!  My type A personality is in full swing!!!!

My kids complain the whole time we wait for my friend.  I threaten them that if they don’t behave we are going home and they won’t be allowed to go spend their toys r us birthday money…they quickly behave!

My friend gets her cookies and tells me I am nuts to go to Toys R Us with three kids!  Yup, stamp nuts on my forehead most days!  We are off to toy chaos!

I state my expectations that we stay together in the store and take turns looking at everyone’s toy section.

We enter toy heaven and my kids are running!  Max ends up with a sword and shield in his hands before I blink and then throws a rip stick in the cart. Lillie is just randomly throwing things in my cart and I am ignoring it.  Ella is very upset and wants to make sure I know what Lillie is doing!  Max asks me if I am buying all of it and I say no and keep walking.  Lillie wants every doc mcstuffins thing she sees!  Max is looking at Minecraft and Ella is complaining it is her turn!

I take them to Ella’s section and she throws a LaLaloopsy in the cart!  How many dolls does this child need??!!

Lillie now has a small cart that she is filling with toys and Max is completely appalled by her behavior!
I am now taking stuff out of my cart that Lillie keeps throwing in (sorry Toys R us).

I explain to Ella that she really doesn’t need another Lalaloopsy!  I turn to Max and tell him he doesn’t need another sword!  Ella has crates full of dolls!  She agrees and heads to shopkins.  Max pleads his case that he wants swords for friends to have when they come over (the kid is going to be successful – relentless, persistent, I have to be in my firm mama bear stance to win against Max).

Lillie follows Ella to the Shopkins and I feel my patience disappearing!  It has been an hour in the store and I need to leave!  I have seriously hit a wall and I am trying my very hardest to stay calm! At this point I tell Ella and Lillie which shopkins they are getting and walk to the register!

I hand the cashier gift cards and coupons and she looks completely overwhelmed!  This isn’t that hard!  I want to ring myself out and my kids are acting completely crazy now!  Lillie is opening candy, Ella is singing, and Max is running in circles!  I grab Max and ask him to please stop running and focus on watching Lillie for me!

The cashier is really struggling with everything I handed her and I start helping her.  I hand her candy Lillie is opening to pay for it as I hold back my meltdown.

Max is going to be an amazing husband and father one day!  He looks at me and sees me holding back tears.  He walks Lillie over to some toys and starts distracting her as I deal with the cashier!  Somehow I end up owing money (sorry Seth/my husband).  At this point if the cashier screwed up I don’t even care!  She apologizes to me and I pack my kids up and drag screaming Lillie to the car!

Lillie is having a full down 2 year old tantrum in the car and Max tells her that if she gets in her carseat I will give her the surprise egg I bought her (the one she started opening without permission).  Max earned some major points let me tell you!!  Being an oldest child sets you up to be an awesome parent if I do say so myself ;-).

The kids are buckled, I am headed home and I know not only will Seth be home soon but I also have a meeting to go to tonight!  A break is in sight and I can taste it!

I am glad I gave them the day off and yet I am completely and totally fried! Happy “sick” day!

My lessons:
Don’t take three kids to Toys R Us!
When the kiddos are driving me crazy at home…get out of the house!
It is ok to let your kids stay home!  We live in a world of push push push!  It is ok to take a time out from it!