Super Filled Sunday!

The alarm goes off and I lecture myself to be a good Jew and get my kids up and ready for Hebrew school! Shouldn’t Sundays be for sleeping in and relaxing??

Seth turns over and goes back to sleep with Lillie and I drag myself downstairs and get Max and Ella ready for Hebrew school as Max complains that it is a waste of time. I lecture him that we are honoring G-d going to Hebrew school. I did the same thing to my parents. Pay back is a bitch!

I drop the kids at Hebrew school and head to the Y to get in a good workout! My friend texts me that they are heading to the zoo today. Seth says lets do it and he runs to get the kids while I run home to shower.

It is a beautiful Sunday and the zoo is packed! I just fed my kids a snack but they complain most of the zoo that they are hungry! Do my children ever stop eating?

We run to Max’s first baseball practice. My fabulous husband decided to coach Max’s team. He says I decided this but it is so not true! Seth is a soccer guy! He loves soccer and loves to coach Max’s soccer team! I love baseball! I talked Max and Seth into trying baseball again and I laugh watching them smiling enjoying themselves during practice! I have to stop asking my children and just sign them up for things! For example….all my daughter Ella does is dance around the house but doesn’t want to take dance lessons! Screw that! I am signing her up!

Max complained last year because he was on a team filled with kids from another school. Sure, nice kids, sure, nice to make new friends….but Max wants to play with kids from his own school so I made that happen! I handed Seth a list of kids from Max’s school for the baseball meeting and off he went to work his magic! I don’t think I will hear Max complaining this year? We shall see!

My girls play on the playground, Seth runs practice, and we finally head for home!

My kids run outside to play with the neighbors and Ella decides it is time to go door to door to collect food for the food pantry (per girl scouts request). Sure I have been running all day but what is some more running?!
It is for a good cause right!!

I head inside to cook breakfast for dinner (Ella’s favorite) and then go nuts vacuuming crumbs due to all of the ants I am finding! I love love spring minus the ants!! Happens every year! Go away ants!

The kids are sunburn and melting down! We are all exhausted! Signing off on a super filled Sunday!!
Happy Spring everyone!

My lessons:
Always carry lots of food for my vultures – I mean children!
Stop giving them so much power and sign them up for stuff I think they will enjoy!
Slow down maybe a little!!
Buy sunscreen!!