When daddy is away….

It is Monday and I know the week ahead is going to be challenging! Seth is traveling all week! I am going to have major mommy duty!!

I get the kids ready and Seth takes Max and Ella to school and I take Lillie to school! Seth is off to the office and then New Jersey for a meeting!

Lillie and I have a nice time at school together! Her 2 year old antics were kept to a minimum and my Lillie Rose enjoyed flower day at nursery school!

I drag Lillie to the stitching place to drop off baseball shirts for Max’s team. The guy is asking me letter questions, pants and sock questions and I am clueless! I was just asked to drop off shirts!

I run to my parents to put their ladder back in their garage! I borrowed it to get Max’s toy axe down from the roof! I don’t make this stuff up! Don’t even ask! Max somehow threw it on the roof and has been obsessing over getting it down! Seth would not let me climb on the roof! He is no fun!! I borrowed said ladder for nothing!

We venture to my least favorite place – Walmart! I get everything on my list including a football for Max’s teacher! I am so thankful for self check out because I don’t have to deal with the crazy long Walmart lines! Off to Max and Ella’s school!

I walk into school with Lillie and Max’s class is so excited to see her! I get everyone in Max’s class to sign the football for their teacher for teacher appreciation week. I drag Lillie away from Max and his friends to go hang art work for arts fest. I am the least artistic person. I probably should go no where near art work! I do my best to hang things. My type A personality doesn’t tend to kick in with art. My kids don’t enjoy art class. I can’t imagine where they get that from (I was the same way). I appreciate a lot of things as an adult that I did not enjoy when I was younger – art, history, economics…to name a few. I am ashamed to say I definitely did not pay attention in many classes. I remember my first psychology class and thinking “YES, finally a good class that I am super interested in!”

Lillie starts to meltdown (she has been so good) so I go grab her some Timbits and let her relax at home before we have to go grab Max and Ella. I have created a Timbit monster! I go through the drive thru to get coffee and Lillie screams “timbits!” I drive past Tim Hortons and Lillie screams “timbits!” Uh oh!!! I think someone has a timbit addiction and someone has a coffee addiction!

My kids go running to the playground after school and I am completely freezing! It is April 27 and I put my winter coat and winter boots away! What was I thinking! I need my big huge warm coat on the playground today! I refuse to wear my winter coat in April and man am I paying for it! My kids aren’t phased but I finally drag them away because my hands were going numb!

We head to Dash’s with our friends. Seth is away and I don’t have anything to cook for dinner! The kids order food and do their homework and we hang out with our friends. Ella is royally pissed that I forgot her Barbie and Lillie is screaming and refusing to share her cash register with Ella.

Ella freaks out about Max’s soccer practice! She does not want to go with us to practice and I don’t blame her! Thankfully my parents let me drop off Ella and Lillie and Max and I run to practice! You would think I would have pulled out my winter coat, winter hat and gloves! Don’t I ever learn! Come on Spring! Where are you? Come back!!

Max and I run to get Ella and Lillie and head home! Snack, pj’s, tv, book time for my kids! I get them to bed and work on my broken sink (that I have now made worse)! It has been quite a day! My husband is now flying home! He is heading home to head out again Wednesday! I am sure I will have more fun crazy chaos to share!

Why do I write this blog is my most common question asked to me! I write for my kids! My kids love reading all of this! They even give me requests to write about! I will collect these and make them a book!
I only wish I would have started years ago!

My lessons:
Keep writing for my kids!
Keep up with my kids!
Travel with Ella’s favorite Barbie!
Appreciate my hardworking husband!
Realize I am stronger then I think!
Keep lots of toys and snacks on me to keep Lillie happy!

What I want my kids to know:
Max – seeing you laughing with your friends in lunch today melted my heart! A social butterfly! You are quite the soccer player! You whiz through your homework because you are so bright! I am so proud of you!
Ella – the principal stopped me in school today and asked if Lillie is as happy and peppy as you? You are so happy and it glows from you! Your teacher told me everyone in the school knows who you are! My happy sweet girl!
My Ella Rae of sunshine!
Lillie – I treasure my days with you! Mommy and me school, art class, music, Rolly Pollies gym and lots of Wegmans and Target trips….I have a great time with you! I love to see you giggle! You wrap your arms around me and squeeze! You are so lucky you are so cute!