The summer weekends are coming to a close and I want to do a lot of summer fun stuff with my family!  Seth suggests Fantasy Island and I suggest the Erie County Fair (it is also the fairs last day).  Max is already complaining saying he needs a place with water and doesn’t want to go to the fair!  My men don’t want to go – that should be my red flag right there not to go!  Off we go to the fair!

First thing in the door my kids find the toy cart!  Lillie grabs a Barbie package – cell phone, jewelry, magic wand etc and Max grabs a sword!  Give me strength I say to myself as I move them into the fair.

Games are everywhere and my kids want to play everything!  Seth says no, no, no, no and then tells each of them they can play one game!  Is he nuts? Has he completely lost his mind?  Seth lectures us that he is not spending $24 dollars for a peppa pig doll.  He is not spending $5 for a dollar store toy!  Sometimes it sucks being married to a financial planner but he is right!

Moving on to the smelly – I mean adorable animals everywhere!  My germ phobias kick in and I yell that my kids can’t touch anything!  Aren’t Seth and I so much fun!!  I think I am funny telling Seth the bunnies are for sale!  Seth is not amused with me!

Max jumps on a very cool trampoline thing and Ella and Lillie go on the carousal!  It has been 1.5 hours and the men are ready to leave!  Seth looks done and Max is hanging on me that it is hot!  What about shopping? Seth looks at me like I am nuts but we head to shopping!  Ella says I first have to tell you that she had to get a funnel cake at Ella’s funnel cake stand!

Ella is such a good kid!  I can’t express how easy and sweet she is most of the time!  She is just going with the flow – easy breezy – ok lets shop she says!  Thank you Ella!  You give me sanity!

Lillie is screaming refusing to go in the stroller!  “Uppy mommy!”  Lillie screams!  My back is throbbing from Lillie but she is my baby and of course I carry her!  Yes, I left my baby carrier in the car because I thought she would go in the stroller!  My poor back!

I drag my family shopping and Max and Lillie hang on me the entire time. I should just come to the fair with Ella next year runs through my mind.  Seth doesn’t like anything I pick and he has this look like “when are we leaving!”  Fun Family Time!

As I look at the map attempting to head back to the car Lillie trips and falls and is crying hysterically.  Her ankle is hurt from last weekend, her finger is now hurt from this weekend, and I would just like my toddler to slow down!  Funny right!  I think I yell “walk” all day long to Lillie.  My children have developed an amazing skill to tune me out!  If only I could develop the skill to tune them out!

We make it to the car and Seth looks completely fried!  He is miserable and heads to a cold shower as soon as we get home!  Ella and I look at each other thinking that at least we had a good time!  Happy Family Memories!

My lessons:

Do not bring Seth and Max to the fair next year!

Always remember a carrier for Lillie and always bring band aids!