Back to School

It has been a great summer! I have enjoyed camp mom! I have had moments of pure insanity where I wanted to run away like every parent, but for the most part I have been having a fabulous time! I am that mom that is sad that summer is ending! It is my favorite time of year! Less then a week of summer left and we will need to get back to a serious routine! I have loved not having a routine but know that we all adjust to having a schedule! I put my kids to bed at ten o’clock last night because I am in total denial of summer ending! I quickly told them this morning that they need to get to bed much earlier tonight! I better start tonight (maybe).

I was up all night worrying about my 6 year old. My sweet easy dolly is off to first grade this year. As Max found out about friend after friend in his class Ella started asking me and worrying who would be in her class. I keep assuring her she has friends in her class and that she has an awesome teacher. I keep assuring her that she is the sweetest kid I know and that she will make more new friends. Parenting has made me an amazing actress. I see the worry on her face and I just want to take it away! I was Ella as a kid. I worried and was sweet and sensitive and outgoing just like my girl. I am working on making her childhood easier for her then mine was for me. Don’t get me wrong, I had an awesome childhood and I am so blessed. I also had no confidence in myself. I want to instill confidence in my kids at an early age. I want them to take on challenges head on and know they can do it. I want Ella to march into first grade confident and ready to take it on. I will create this for my kids! I rephrase that to I am creating confident children! This is my mission!

I just told Max that I am so excited for him for third grade! He looks at me and sadly tells me he has already topped out with his last teacher! He is so serious! Max had such an amazing year last year that his expectations are in the toilet. Well let me tell you something Maxwell….you are 8 years old and you have not topped out! You are going to have a ton of teachers and a ton of friends and you have amazing years ahead of you! Max has a fantastic third grade teacher and is with a bunch of his friends! It is going to be a great year Maxwell! Damn it put on a smile and be excited!

Lillie is begging me to take her to school! Nursery school cannot start soon enough! Lillie has asked me every day for a month when school starts? Lillie will wave goodbye when I take her to class and she won’t look back! One can hope!

I wish all of you parents, teachers and children a fabulous school year. I hope they all keep their old friends and make some new friends. I hope they all love their teachers and love to learn!

Happy September!!

Your kids model you! Show them how easy it is to make a new friend! Show them how to be nice to people! Show them how to start the new school year happy and with confidence! Assure them that they can do it! Get them back on schedule before I do lol!!