It is the day before school starts and Ella spends the day puking. I run in another room to cry several times this day. First, Ella is so tiny that I can see her ribs. As if I don’t worry enough her thin physique makes me worry more as she pukes all day and can’t keep down a sip of water. Secondly, Ella has been so excited to go to school. Who misses their first day of school? Ella does! Ella spent the first day of school sleeping on the couch. Ella spent her second day of school home beginning to eat again! I was finally able to send her to school on the third day! I cannot believe this is how September started. I cannot believe that the last day of summer ended with puke! Moving on!!

First grade is going smoothly! Ella loves her teacher and knows children in her class. I am already hearing about new girls she is becoming friends with!

Third grade is also going well! Max came home to tell me that his teacher is nice and has a sense of humor! He loves a good sense of humor! He loves to laugh! He has a bunch of friends in his class and tells me his favorite part of the day is his gifted and talented math class! Go Max!

Lillie is so excited to start school! She has gotten to go a couple of times and seems to like it. Amazing how we are all back to the routine going to bed early, getting up early, homework and packing lunches!

It is 10:30 and this exhausted mama is about to fall asleep! Lillie starts crying and moaning and I try to think what could have upset her stomach. Seth goes in a second or third time and then yells as Lillie pukes ALL over the place!

I grab Lillie and throw her in the shower with me. I scrub her and hold her and then comfort her as she pukes all through the night. Every time I begin to fall asleep Lillie pukes again. 5 am it seems to stop. I have become quite an expert in getting my girls to puke in the pot. Target practice as I steer their heads into the pot.

While Lillie takes a few minutes to sleep I grab all the puke filled laundry and drag it to the mudroom. Seth is gagging and I know I have no choice but to deal with it!

I wake up after a couple of hours of sleep to the mudroom and bedroom full of laundry. I also realize I have to get Max and Ella to school. I can push through exhaustion. Do I have a choice?

The kids are off to school and I begin the many loads while taking care of whiny Lillie. I find the bottom of the sink and floor and then begin to scrub off all the puke! Motherhood!

Seth comes upstairs and finds me looking completely defeated. I may be a stay at home mom but I can’t be in three places at once! I am not that good. The tears I am trying to stop roll down my face as I explain that I can’t pick up the kids and how do I take Ella to theater? Life doesn’t stop when a kid is sick! Seth rearranges his schedule to help me. Superhusband to the rescue! I just can’t do it alone! It takes a village!

I sit here typing this as Lillie sleeps. I can’t tell you how many times she puked. I can’t tell you how much cleaning I did. I can’t tell you how many loads of laundry I did. I can tell you that despite the no sleep, the sick todder and the moments of insanity… I am one lucky lady!

Feel better Lillie!
Have a healthy school year everyone!

My lessons:
1) We are all stronger then we think!
2) ask for help!
3) make your kids take their vitamins (my parents have an awesome health food store Marlene and Phil’s Vitamin and herb center) Wash hands Eat fruits and vegetables Drink grape juice (supposed to prevent the stomach flu)!