I am CEO

I wake up with a list kind of like this in my mind:
Girl Scouts
Bday parties
Max bday……

I jump out of bed knowing I have to get Ella to theater early! I wake up Ella and have a blast doing her hair and make up. I have the list of requirements: red lipstick, pink blush, purple eyeshadow, tan pantyhose, black shoes, curling iron…..the lists in my head tend to be endless! There are lists posted all over my kitchen island.

Ella and I are ready so I drop her at rehearsal and hand them picture money, DVD money and camp money! I am always writing checks for something! Time to vent all my stress and put myself in a really good state! Workout time, my favorite time!!

I drop Ella with her grandmother for a date and run home. Why does it feel like I am always in my minivan?! I definitely need a mommy taxi sticker on my van!

I have quieted my theater lists and have moved on to birthday parties. Max and I organize three birthday presents, three birthday cards for three of his friends! January seems to be birthday party month!!

Seth threw a bunch of stuff at me for a school Bowl A Thon basket so I put that together with a few guidelines from him. The Grow Your Business basket is complete and my parents show up. Max is off to get new roller blades for his birthday and Lillie screams to go with them. Seth and I look at each other in amazement that we are childless and we soak up some peaceful silence. I know there are many people who don’t like silence. I am not one of those people. Silence is golden!

I order a bunch of stuff for Max’s birthday party while thinking about the need to book Ella’s birthday party. I look at the sink overflowing and the laundry overflowing and the crumbs all over the floor and I start to get in an overwhelmed tailspin. “It is ok I tell myself. You are the CEO of the family you can do all of this!”

I update quicken for my kids school and begin to work on the school treasurer report for January. For those of you who don’t think I have a job….I tend to take on many jobs.  I just don’t get paid!!

I add patches to Ella’s Girl Scout vest and Seth gets her cookie account all set online so Ella can sell more Girl Scout cookies!

The kids all come home and we head off to a skating party. I feel 16 every time I put on roller blades! Now Ella wants a skating party for her birthday! She had a blast as did Max! How many parties can one person plan in a year? How many things can a mom balance?

I lay in bed thinking about the day. I think about theater, Girl Scouts, birthday parties, treasurer work, and I tell my brain it is time to rest. I am the CEO! I can handle all of this! I can keep my house and my family running smoothly! I am capable and organized and hardworking. Why do I write this? I write this because instead of stressing or judging others…instead of being sad or overwhelmed…..I want you to take a deep breath, give yourself a pat on the back and say “good job!”