Were we taught not to take compliments???

My husband pointed something out to me the other day that really made me think! “Women don’t know how to take a compliment!” He says to me! He witnessed one woman tell another woman that she liked her blouse. The woman blushes and tells her it is really old!! Ok Seth, I get it! Point well taken! I started to take notice:

I have a friend who makes the cutest gifts! Every time we had a PTA meeting she made the best thank you’s for everyone! For teachers she made these awesome dishes of starbursts with the cutest saying! I tell her all the time how much I love her ideas. Her response is always the same “it’s just Pinterest!” She may have gotten the ideas from Pinterest, but she always does an awesome job executing it! Have you seen some people try to copy Pinterest and fail?! Better yet, sometimes we don’t have the energy or desire to copy Pinterest! Why do we downplay what we do? Why don’t we take credit for our awesomeness!?

I have a friend who I call the expert spreadsheet maker. She sent me a spreadsheet for my Disney dining plan! (Thank you by the way xo!). When I tell her she is awesome at spreadsheets and organization she tells me it is just how she relaxes! Lol! That is a good way to relax! I tend to lay on the couch watching the Real Housewives of Orange County to relax! I do not make spreadsheets or organize my house to relax. She is pretty awesome! My organizational master friend!!

I talked to my friend yesterday about private practice! She is a social worker who I used to work with. She has been doing private practice for a while and tells me how much she loves it. She tells me it is like having a conversation! Easy breezy lemon squeezy! She even mentioned cutters that she has worked with and how “easy” it was! Do you know what cutting is? People actually cut themselves on purpose! Yes they do! There are many psychological reasons for this that I won’t get into but I am sure my friend does an amazing job with all of her clients! I am sure her “easy conversations” are filled with a wealth of her knowledge. Notice she didn’t take any credit for her skill and downplayed how easy therapy is! It is easy for her because she is so good! Take some credit friends!

My 9 month pregnant friend stood in my backyard pushing her daughter in a swing. We were all sweating cause it was super hot out. She has taken her daughter to camp every day. She has taken her younger daughter to the zoo. She worked the whole school year pregnant. She just plugs along like it is no big deal. Do you know what I was doing almost 9 months pregnant with my children? Laying on the couch telling my husband I was done and the baby needed to come out!! When I tell my friend how amazing her strength is she tells me she is just like that. Like it is easy to be tough? Like it is easy to be 9 months pregnant in the heat? Nope! Not at all! You are awesome friend! You amaze me!

My friend seems to go back and forth to work all day! I can’t keep up with her schedule! When I ask her to do something it goes something like this “I have until 4 pm when I have to go back to work. I am gonna go run and get my daughter here, my son there, and then will you come over. I will order pizza and we can all hang out before I go back to work!”
Did you keep up with that?

I laugh and am always super impressed! “Ok, I will see you at 1 you amazing lady!” I tell her! I know this friend well. I know that she is running all day every day! I know most of us are! I also know what women are like. We rarely own a compliment and we rarely give ourselves a compliment. Why is that? I hear my daughter tell herself she looks pretty. I hear my daughter tell herself that she did a good job. I am not correcting her. I am not telling her that you don’t say these things. This is absolutely what we should be teaching our daughters to say to themselves. “Mommy, I really like myself,” Ella tells me. “Ella, I am so so glad! It is important to like yourself!” My smart girl!

IMG_8460We went to a Lego themed party yesterday! This mother is amazing!! Everything was Legos! Lego chocolates, Lego crayons, Lego treats, Lego props and decorations, Lego necklaces and rings…..everyone was in awe! We all tell my friend how awesome this all is! “Clearly I have too much time on my hands,” she jokingly says! Anyone with children has pretty much zero spare time so I know that isn’t true! I know she is crafty and talented and Wowzers she needs to plan my next party lol!!

What about my mom? My inspiration! The lady who has been described as the energizer bunny by many! I get excited if I see her sitting! She taught me stamina! She taught me how to keep up! I often wonder if she realizes how awesome she is? I certainly understand and appreciate her a lot more now that I am a mom!

I hear a lot of compliments given every day! I hear a lot of women underplaying these compliments! Your crafts are awesome!
Your spreadsheets are awesome!
Your multi tasking is amazing!
Your stamina is incredible!
Hear it,
Own it,
And teach your daughters (and sons) to own it!
I love the amazing women I am surrounded by!!
P.S. I am guilty as charged!

Power on!