Ella gets to be Annie!

I signed Ella up for theatre camp this summer. It is all she talked about the entire summer!! Almost every day she asked me what part I thought she would get? Almost every day she told me she wanted to be Annie! My response to Ella was always the same “don’t get your hopes up!” I didn’t want her to be disappointed. I figured an older girl would get Annie! I figured Ella would get Molly the cute orphan. That was my prediction!

The day finally comes and Ella RUNS off to theatre camp! She is beaming with excitement and my heart is full of happiness for her! When I send one of my children off to school or camp or anything for the first day I hold my breath hoping for a good report!

I go to pick up Ella after day one and she runs at me telling me to guess what part she got?????
“Annie!!!!!!” She screams with delight!
No way, I don’t believe it. I grab her script to see that she is Annie and my mind is blown! This child has special powers! She put it out there the whole summer and her dream was coming true! You think when you are happy about something that you know what happiness feels like. When one of my children are filled with happiness it is a new level of happiness for me. I can’t stop smiling and am beyond excited for her to tell her dad and grandparents!

We just lost two of our cats and decide to go next door to visit the cat place. Max is thrilled because a certain kitten keeps following and playing with him. The personality of this kitten reminded me of Max! Then I look over at sweet Ella sitting on the floor. The kitten with one blind eye had climbed into her lap and was cuddled up to her. The sweet gentle kitten had chosen Ella. The active kitten had chosen Max. At this point I was trying to control Lillie whose energy was off the charts. Max and Ella are begging me for these kittens. Why did I bring them in here? The ladies weren’t nice and I knew Seth would not be happy with me if I adopted kittens today so I drag my children away with tears streaming down Max’s face! Great job in parenting I tell myself! I guess I should have skipped the cat place! It definitely showed me my children’s personalities through kittens! I am questioning myself as I leave but am quickly distracted by the big huge smile plastered on Ella’s face!

Ella comes home the next day from camp beaming! She is having the best time and somehow already knows all of her 21 lines and however many songs!!! Phew I tell myself! She has her father’s memory! This is gonna make life at school and acting easier for her!! I am watching her rehearse and begin to tear up. She asks me for a bucket and rag and shows me “It’s a hard Knock life!” This little peanut is starring in a musical! Hold on, this is only the beginning someone tells me. Do you believe in G-d? Do you believe in angels? Do you believe that messages are sent to us! Have you ever asked a question and been answered? I continue to be amazed and my faith continues to grow stronger!

It is now Thursday night and Ella is definitely feeling pooped from a long week! The black shoes she owns don’t fit. The two pairs of black shoes I bought her she doesn’t like! Off we go for black shoes! Nothing like dragging her out the night before her show! “Way to go doing things last minute,” I beat myself up! The second store is shoe success and it is time to go home to let my little Annie rest! She is tired and excited and calm as a cucumber! I could hear my heart beating I was so nervexcited as Ella calls it!

It is the day of the show and Ella is calm relaxed and happy. I am a nervous wreck and can barely eat anything all day. I am a much better actress then I ever give myself credit for. I act the part of the calm confident mom and send Ella off to camp with a big hug and kiss.

Seth comes home early from work and his look is familiar! He is totally calm and happy. His smile, the way he is looking at me through his glasses….Ella has so much of Seth in her. Yes, she is bubbly and outgoing and social like her mama but oh boy did she get a lot from Seth too! “How are you so calm?????” I ask Seth!
“Help me!” I plead to him.
“Rebecca, she knows this, she’s got this, she is gonna do awesome. She is in her element. What is wrong with you?” Seth asks me. I am holding my stomach. I am nauseous and stressed and nervous for my baby. What do I do in these situations???? I turn my worry to faith! Yes I do! I say a prayer and I tell the tape in my head to turn to faith and confidence in my little actress! Does it work perfectly? No way! However, I feel much better and drive to the show smiling!

Ella appears on stage and my nerves vanish. I have turned to feelings of happiness and pride! I attempt to make her smile the whole show as she is super serious but knows every single one of her lines (and everyone else’s lines! That is her father in her for sure)! She messes up a song but brushes it off. What I love about Ella is she isn’t hard on herself! What is that like I ask myself?

Ella takes the microphone and sings the maybe reprise solo. She sings ALL day at home! All day! Here she is with a microphone on stage and I couldn’t be happier for her. I know that is where she loves to be!! This my friends is my favorite part of the whole show.

I thought Ella was happy before the show but that was nothing compared to her after the show. The happiness is glowing out of her and she is jumping and dancing around. She told me she loved every minute of it and can’t wait until the next show. When your child finds something they love it is the best feeling.

What my friends tell me:
“She is going places!”
“She needs her own tv show!”
“Remember us when you are big and famous!”
“She is gonna be big!”
What Ella tells me:
“Why won’t you take me to Hollywood?”
She also told me her life is the opposite of a hard knock life!

I don’t know where life will take Ella. What I will tell you is if being on stage makes her happy then that is what I wish for her. My little belting dolly shines from within and I wish her nothing but happiness!

Time to go get Ella pancakes to celebrate! I couldn’t be prouder! Keep soaring Ella Bella!!