Is it just me or as we get older does time move faster? I swear this was the fastest most fun summer ever! Ella danced today singing “it was the best summer ever!” I truly agree with her sentiment!

I was born on June 25. It is definitely one of my very favorite days! It isn’t a favorite day because it is mybirthday and is about me. It is my favorite day because of what it represents! Every birthday means success and summer to me! It means my kids successfully completed another grade and summer has begun! It means the weather is beautiful and that my parents pool is open! It means I can take my kids to do a bunch of fun things! It means they can swim and experience fun camps! I just love, love summer! The warm weather, the sunshine, flip flops, sun dresses….my very favorite time of year!

I started out the summer without a bucket list. I feel like when you make a list for summer and cross things off it is a lot of pressure! I wanted to relax and enjoy the summer! I signed my kids up for a few camps and my goal was to take them once to Darien Lake amusement park and do a lot of swimming!

The funny thing is the summer that started out without a list became one of my very favorite summers! We went to my nephews birthday party in Virginia! We went to Toronto to their zoo and aquarium. I finally got Swiss Chalet in Toronto! We took the kids to Jellystone for the weekend with a ton of friends! We to

ok the kids to Darien Lake, the Drive-in, Strong museum, playgrounds and lots of pools! We spent time with our friends and our family! Max did science camp and ecology camp and loved them both! Ella did theater camp, cheerleading camp and another theater camp and starred in the musical as Annie!

It is September 5 and school starts tomorrow! I didn’t start out with a list but there is still a list of things I wanted to do with my kids! We never got to Fantasy Island or Olcott! I never took Max for the hike I wanted to do. I never got to the ropes course my friend talked about! I wanted to go to Hidden Valley Animal Adventure and African Lion Safari! Let’s put it this way….I could have filled another month with fun adventures!

I wish I could be that mom excited to send her kids to school. I wish I could say I love this time of year! It just isn’t me and I am not excited! Do my kids drive me nuts? Yes!!!! Am I exhausted? Yes!!!! Do I need a break? Yes!!!! All of that is true! Every year I am sad summer is over and every year I am sad to send my kids back to school. That is just who I am and I accept myself for who I am. I don’t judge the mom dancing down the driveway as the bus leaves with her kids. I think “good for you! I am glad u are happy and getting a break!”

Every year we all get back into the routine with ease and have a good year! I couldn’t be more thrilled with the teachers my kids have for this year! My son is starting fourth grade and believe it or not it is his last year of elementary school. My friends are already asking me how many times I will cry this year? Didn’t I just send Max to kindergarten? My daughter Ella is going into second grade and my daughter Lillie is starting upk (universal pre-kindergarten).

To the moms that dance down their driveways as their kids leave: I am happy you are excited. I could learn from you! To the moms crying that their babies are going to kindergarten or middle school or high school or college….you have done a great job with your kids and they are going to soar! Have faith in your parenting and in your children and know that they got this! I wish everyone a fabulous school year ahead! While I am very, very sad that summer is over, I am excited to see my kids grow this year! What they learn and say continues to amaze me! Have a great school year and continue to be amazed by your children! For those of you very sad that school has begun, I hope you can take comfort in knowing that you are not alone!