Christmas Lights

If you haven’t watched yet, I started a Whinypaluza show on Wednesday nights.
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My mother in law told me she is enjoying it and is finding it informative but that it isn’t funny like my blog!

It’s time to give my mother in law a good laugh. I will continue to do my Whinypaluza Wednesday shows and will continue to write my blogs. I am hoping you are all enjoying them!

I thought that my mother in law and all of you would get a good laugh out of my evening of trying to enjoy Christmas lights. My husband and I are Jewish.

My husband Seth has learned through his fourteen years with me that even though I am Jewish I also enjoy Christmas. I don’t see why I can’t enjoy the fun of Christmas shows and lights! I love to watch the Hallmark Channel and all of the Christmas movies. Candace Cameron Bure movies are my very favorite. She is the star of Fuller House which I also love! If you haven’t seen Fuller House go enjoy it on Netflix!

My husband used to make fun of me and now just accepts that I love Christmas movies. I also love driving around and enjoying all of the beautiful Christmas lights. I enjoy it so much that I now have a Cinderella carriage, blue high heel (Cinderella shoe) and unicorn lighting up my front yard. I do not consider these Christmas lights. They have lights on them but there is no green or red. There is no Santa hat. I am very particular about what is acceptable to put in my front lawn. It is very hard to find things to put in my front lawn that don’t have a Santa hat on them. I have searched Home Depot’s website many times looking for acceptable lights. I love all of my lights and consider it my winter wonderland. If any of you have any ideas of a nice light I could buy for my son let me know. Right now it is a total girl fest in my front lawn.

It is 7:30 pm one night and my kids suggest that we go to look at Christmas lights. My whole family knows how much I enjoy it. We decide to leave our new puppy at home because he hates the car. If you have any suggestions as to how to get my dog to love the car let me know!

We put our puppy in his crate and we are off to look at lights. I decide to drive because I know where I want to go, and it is easier than trying to tell my husband directions when I might not know every street name and he is very anal when it comes to getting directions. I head out to Lancaster to see the beautiful neighborhood of Stonybrook.

They do beautiful lights every year all through the neighborhood. They also leave a box out front of one of the beautiful houses to collect money for the chosen charity of the year. I begin to drive through the neighborhood and am highly enjoying all of the lights. They are all so beautiful and impressive. I can only imagine how much time and energy they put into decorating. It starts off smoothly and I am smiling!

Lillie begins to get frustrated because she is hot and her window is all fogged up. I don’t think twice and I roll down her window so she can see. Lillie is happy now and Max starts complaining that he is cold. I roll up Lillie’s window and she gets upset. “I can’t see,” she screams. “Leave your window up I am cold,” Max exclaims very frustrated and impatient with his little sister. I see Seth starting to boil. I am just trying to enjoy the Christmas lights. Come on family! Can’t you give me thirty calm minutes of driving through the neighborhood?

Seth starts to get mad at Lillie who is complaining over and over again that she can’t see. I side with Lillie because my window is also fogging up and I can’t see. I put my window down and Lillie’s window down and Max begins to get very pissed that he is cold. I yell at Max for wearing shorts and blame him for being cold. Seth is more then ready to go home and I am just trying to enjoy this beautiful neighborhood.

I keep driving trying to ignore everyone until I can’t take it anymore and I start to drive home. I am sad that I can’t have a peaceful evening of looking at lights. I would also like to mention that sweet easy Ella didn’t say a word the whole time. She sat in the back of the minivan dealing with her crazy family! I am thankful that one of my children is easy!

I hope I gave my mother in law a good laugh. I hope your families let you enjoy driving around and enjoying Christmas lights more then my family did. There is always next year!