I should make an appointment with Seth to have my Saturday morning meltdown. You see during the week I am so busy I just keep moving.

On Saturday mornings I look around my house and notice all the messes the kids have made. On Saturday mornings I stop and notice if I have neglected laundry. On Saturday morning I see the big pile of dishes that have reappeared like magic. On Saturday mornings I think about the errands I didn’t get done. This Saturday morning I spiraled out of control when I realized I hadn’t ordered my children one Chanukah gift yet! I realized all the stuff I thought I could squeeze into the weekend. It happens almost every weekend and my patient husband goes through the lists with me to see how he can help while he is home over the weekend. This week I want you all to know that you inspire me and keep me going!

I see my neighbor who has five kids drive by my house again in her minivan and I’m inspired to keep driving my kids around!

I see my neighbor across the street pull out of her driveway at 7 am to go to work and I’m inspired to start my day!

I see my friends packages piled up in her garage for her children and I’m inspired to get some shopping done!

I see the fun things you post with your children and I’m inspired to do fun things with my own kids.

I see you succeeding at your business and I’m inspired to achieve my own goals.

I see you reaching your goal weight and I’m inspired to put the cookie down!

I see you training for a marathon and I’m inspired to get on the treadmill!

I see you learning a new skill and I’m inspired to learn one too!

I see you running another event and I’m inspired to do well at my Winter Crafts event this week!

I see you venturing off to another hockey tournament for your son and I’m inspired to enjoy Max’s soccer tournaments!

I see you reading a good book and I’m inspired to climb in bed and read mine!

I see you organizing your house and I’m inspired to organize Ella’s closet!

I see you starting a new job and I’m inspired to work on my new ventures!

I see you joining a new gym and I’m inspired to join with you!

I see you crushing your 21 day challenge and I’m inspired to do one!

I see you eating less meat and I’m inspired to do this with you!

I see you taking a political stand and I’m inspired to take one too!

I see you getting your kids to school as you head downtown for work and I’m inspired! Your drive, hard work and ability to balance it all is truly amazing!

I see you getting through the days and I’m inspired. I can do it too!

I see you going to bed at midnight exhausted and I’m inspired! I know how that feels! I know that you need rest and that you push yourself to get things accomplished. I know that your kids are in bed and you need to stay awake for some sanity time.

I see you fitting in holiday shopping and baking cookies into your already busy life and I’m inspired to make the holiday magic for my family.

I see you heading to work every day at 71 years old and you inspire me. The hardest working woman I know. I get my work ethic from my mother. At 71 she can usually run circles around me. Today is my mom’s birthday. I want her to know that she is my true inspiration! The one who showed me how women do it all. The one who works so hard at home and at her business. The one who eats healthy and is so helpful. The one who knows how to say no. The mom with the heart of gold. The woman who taught me how to be a mom. She inspires me every day. Happy Birthday mom. You are an amazing lady and I’m honored to be your daughter and I’m inspired by you!

You are all wonderful and inspiring and I want you to know! You keep me going every day and you make me strive for better! You are doing a wonderful job! Go be wonderful you! Thank you for inspiring me! Share this with someone who inspires you! I’m sharing and dedicating this to my mom!

In appreciation!
Laughing, Loving, Learning,
Rebecca Greene, LCSW-R