To My Husband:

I see you rearranging your schedule to give me an extra day in Virginia with my family.

I see you loading the car with all our stuff to take to Virginia!

I see the wonderful warm effort you make with my family.

I see you looking at me when I get all glammed up for the Bar Mitzvah.

I see you dancing the night away and playing games with the kids.

I see how cute you are with our little niece.

I see how handsome you look in your suit.

I see you singing all the blessings at the Bar Mitzvah service.

I see that you are willing to try anything, and I admire that about you.

I see you sneaking in work when you can while we are away.

I see you having fun playing basketball in the pool with all the guys!

I see you going with the flow of the weekend with a lot of family.

I see you smile at me.

I see how patient and understanding you are.

I see you looking out for me.

I see how sweet and kind you are.

I see the love you have for me and our kids.

I see you helping Ella.

I see you taking my heels off because I can’t walk in them anymore at the party.

I see you driving as much as you can when you are around to give me a driving break from carting our kids around.

I see you talking to your brother, and it makes me smile to see you two together.

I see you guarding our niece Minka from getting her fancy hair wet near the pool.

I see you helping however you can.

I see you smile at me.

I see how calm you are.

I see how good you are with our niece dog Mila.

I see you driving as much as you can home from Virginia so that I drive less.

I see you unpacking the car and wanting me to go rest.

I see how understanding you are of my lack of sleep and time of the month.

I see you taking all the bags upstairs for us.

I see you up early today to head back to work.

I see you. I see how wonderful you are. I see how kind, caring, compassionate, understanding and smart you are. I see that you try to make me laugh to lighten me up. I see that I have a partner in life. One that I am so extremely thankful for. I see everything you do and everything you are. It does not go unnoticed.

Marital advice from a happily married lady: Look for all the wonderful things that your spouse does every day. Look for it and watch it expand. Watch it make you happier. Watch it make your marriage improve. Report back to me.

Laughing, Learning, Loving,

Rebecca Greene, LCSW-R

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