My oldest daughter Ella absolutely loves Taylor Swift. She plays her music all the time. I like Taylor but I was never into her music until recently. Hearing Ella play her music constantly got me to realize that I am definitely a fan. Ella, you successfully have gotten your mother to embrace Taylor Swift. As I learn more and more about her, I have learned a lot of lessons from Taylor. My daughter Ella has too. She inspires so many people including Ella.

What has Taylor taught me:

Follow your dreams! It takes time, patience and a lot of work, but if you can dream it up you can make it happen. Taylor didn’t start out as the super star that she is today. I got my hair done today. My hairdresser was telling me that she met Taylor back in 2006. She was playing in a bar not too far from me and my hairdresser and her friend went to see her. They were chosen to go backstage and meet her. She wasn’t big or famous yet, but she was getting there. It took a lot of time and hard work to get where she is today. If you have a dream – go after it like Taylor did. Dream it up and then go after it.

Put your feelings into something creative! Use your pain, heartbreak, sorrow and also your happy feelings too and pour it into something useful. I write my feelings and it helps me a lot. Taylor also writes down her feelings and makes beautiful music from her thoughts and emotions. If your cup is overflowing in a good or bad way use it. You can use it for exercise, cleaning, cooking, baking, writing, singing, drawing, etc. There are so many creative ways to express your feelings and you will feel better when you do it. My youngest daughter likes to dance and use her journal. My older daughter loves to sing and play the piano.

Don’t care what people say about you. There are so many people talking about Taylor. Some people are saying wonderful things about her. Some people are saying not so nice things about her. Everyone has an opinion about everything. All that matters is what Taylor thinks of herself. All that matters is what you think of yourself. People don’t have to be right about you. I find it funny that people who don’t know Taylor personally form an opinion about her. You don’t know her so how can you have an opinion? You can choose to like her music, or not like her music but you probably don’t know her personally. I have stopped caring about what people who don’t matter to me think about me. I care what people who matter to me think about me. I care what my husband, children, parents, close friends think. I want to be good to them and have them love me and like me. There are a lot of acquaintances in my life that don’t know me very well. There are a lot of people that don’t know Taylor at all. She has a new relationship, and everyone is talking about it. I wish her well. I wish her happiness and continued success. I hope she truly doesn’t care what everyone is saying.

Karma’s gonna track you down. Do you believe in karma? Taylor Swift does and so do I. I have had people tell me that they want revenge on someone. They want to see someone who has harmed them suffer. My answer to them when they say this to me is one word: karma. It will come around to them, don’t worry. Taylor agrees. Good people get good things in their lives!

Make sure that people are treating you right. Most of us have been in relationships where we didn’t like how we were being treated. Maybe you escaped it quickly, maybe you took a long time to figure it out, maybe you married it. Taylor tends to figure it out and get out and you will too. Make sure people are treating you how you deserve to be treated. Ms. Swift is going to make sure her partner is treating her well and you should expect that too.

Apologize. Taylor isn’t afraid to apologize when she does something wrong. She even writes music about this. A wonderful actor got a whole song dedicated to apologizing to him for not treating him how he deserved to be treated. Taylor knows that she screws up too. She doesn’t think that she is always innocent, and I like that about her. She is good at reflecting and understanding her part in something. Don’t be afraid to apologize.

It will all be okay. We have all gone through ups and downs. We have listened to Taylor go through ups and downs. Through it all, it tends to work out and be okay. You are going to go through hard times. It’s nice to hear someone sing about it so you can relate and know that you aren’t alone. There isn’t one human being who will go through life without going through some hard times. Taylor has gotten through hard times and so will you. She seems to be in a good place right now and I hope that continues for her.

Being in love is a wonderful thing. Taylor writes beautiful love songs. She reminds us all how wonderful love is. She writes about the ups and downs of love, but she also writes about how absolutely amazing, fabulous, wonderful and intoxicating it is. Always go after love. Take the risk. Jump into love head first.

Watch who you take advice from. Taylor reminds us to be careful who we take advice from. What do we think of that person’s life? If they are falling apart, why would you take advice from them. I once had someone tell me to take advice from parents who have raised successful, healthy, happy kids. I take advice from my parents because I think they did a good job raising me. Take marital advice from a happily married couple.

In the words of my daughter Ella, “Never give up. Follow your dreams. It will all be okay.” Thank you, Taylor, for inspiring my daughter and I and so many others. Keep doing you. You are doing great. Wishing you continued success.

Laughing, Learning, Loving,

Rebecca Greene, LCSW-R

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