by Seth Greene

So my wife got pissed the other day.

I was trying to help, as usual, and somehow managed to screw it up….again.

The tornado’s named Max and Ella had gone through our playroom and dumped toys all over the floor.  I was enabling them by cleaning up after them.

Then it got worse.

I found out I wasn’t following my wife’s organizational system for the playroom.  It went sort of like this:


Me: What is your organizational system?

My wife: I have one.

Me: what is supposed to go in the middle drawer of the second plastic cabinet to the right of the dresser?

Wife: max’s shit.

Me: Does  Max know about this?  Here’s how that conversation might go honey.  Hey Max, where does your shit go? Oh Daddy, Mommy says my shit goes in the second drawer.  Do you put your shit anyplace else? Nope daddy, only in that drawer.

Conversation stops because my wife just peed her pants – so we wait while she changes her underwear.

Wife: That was not funny.

Me: Another pair of underwear says it was.  And you don’t have a system.

Wife: Yes I Do.  Max has a crate for his shit, Ella has a crate for hers, and Lillie has one.

Me: So you’ve educated our ten month old daughter about where her shit goes?

Wife: Ok Fine!  You’re not here every day.  You don’t understand what I have to deal with.
I’ve got shit everywhere!  I am trying to maintain some semblance of order here, and survive my days, and then you come home and mess with my mojo!

Me: Your system.

Wife: Yes.

Me: For dealing with all the shit you have to deal with.

Wife: Yes.  Now do you understand?

Me: Uh…..put shit where it goes?

Wife: Yes is that so hard?

Me: Not if Monica from Friends came by and labeled everything.

Wife: I could do that!

Me: The thought of you with a label maker scares me.

Wife: just put the shit where the shit goes!


“Ways to Get Your Shit Where It Goes”