Sneaker hell

For some odd reason I decide to venture out with all three of my kids to buy them sneakers. I had heard from a couple of friends to head to a particular store so off we went! First I couldn’t find it so I drove in circles for a while among crazy back to school shopping traffic. We get in the store and Ella finds Barbie sneakers that she loves. Of course they are too small and they don’t have her size. She doesn’t want any other sneakers until she finds smurfette ones and only has eyes for them. They are not at all what I would pick for her and I am not sure they fit but whatever.

We go down Max’s sneaker aisle and he takes down every pair of skechers to try on. After trying four pairs on he figures out that only one pair have an off and on switch and that is the only ones he wants. Please oh please for the love of G-d have his size! I flag down a woman who makes max try on the 13.5, 1, 1.5 and finally she decides the 2 fits him. Max has now tried on about 8 pairs of skechers, Ella has tried on five pairs of sneakers and Lillie is now in her stroller screaming. I grab my children and run to the check out – get me out of sneaker hell!

Getting out won’t be easy because the line is out the door and there is one cashier. After all that trying on I am waiting in this damn long line and buying these sneakers! Max and Ella are dancing around bumping into people and Lillie is still in her stroller screaming. I pick up Lillie and send Max and Ella over to the front window to sit down and wait for me. They are now crawling in circles aggravating each other. Ella is obsessed with Max’s new sneakers and keeps turning them on and off. Max is screaming and Ella is laughing while annoying her brother! Ten people later, Lillie is falling asleep on me, and it is finally my turn in line. The lady won’t check me out without seeing Max’s sneakers! Are u kidding me? “Max come here please. Max come here! Max get over here, take off your sneakers and please show the lady so we can leave!” She asks me if I would like to buy socks too as they are buy one get one? Oh yes, can I please get out of this long line and first go look at your socks? No way lady! Check me out so I can leave!!! I finally leave sneaker hell with one pair that I know fit my son and one pair I bought to shut my daughter up so I could get the hell out of there!!! That is almost two hours of my life I will never get back!