Why Walmart?
I decide to run out alone with Ella to a couple of stores. This will be easy right? Wrong! I run into Walmart. This will only take me a few minutes right! Oh how I crack myself up. We start by grabbing some chips and baby food… We then go look to see if they have Teen Beach Movie which my kids are begging me for! No luck but Ella is screaming that I buy her fairytopia the Barbie movie. No way Ella be quiet, sit down, lets move it! We bump into my friend that I haven’t seen in years and proceed to catch up. Every two seconds Ella is asking if she can talk. “I went to see Smurfs 2. It is a great movie. Have u seen it? You should take your son! How old is he? Vexy is my favorite Smurf…!” My sweet friend is humoring Ella and all I want to say is “stop talking about the Smurfs and let me get two words in!”
Ella starts complaining that I promised her we would look at Barbies so off we go. “Now Ella, you are picking a Barbie for your friends birthday, not for you!” Oh this should be fun! I escape the Barbie aisle with the presents I need (ok and a three dollar littlest pet shop for Ella just call me sucker mom). I then remember I forgot to get baby gifts and a folding table! “Can we leave yet, can we leave yet, I want to go home!” Ella is starting to whine and get loud! I grab baby gifts, a card, and a folding table and book to the check out while Ella continues to whine! Oh Walmart, you have the slowest longest lines with the slowest cashiers! Remind me why we came here! Ella opens her littlest pet shop and plays with her new toy.
I look down at my phone! Oh crap, we have to get to Ella’s school picnic! It’s ok to be late, it’s ok to be late I continue to tell myself! Oh crap, the head of Hebrew school is texting me! I text her back letting her know I will get the forms done! Phew, crisis diverted! Oh crap, i missed a few texts from my friend! I can’t keep up and yes I am still in line! I get to the car and unload the car! Oh crap, I never checked for Barbie sneakers for Ella! Yes, this is why I brought her! Yes, this was my main reason for running out to stores with Ella! Yes, I told Seth I would take five minutes! Oops! One hundred dollars later I head home! Cursing Walmart I say I will never shop there till the next time! Oh and now I need to go order Teen Beach Movie and Barbie sneakers online and I need to go fill out the Hebrew school forms! Check check and yes we made it to Ella’s school picnic!