Seth and I have been house hunting on and off for about 6 months now.  Seth is not so happy with me that I haven’t picked a house yet.
However, in my defense I have tried!  My husband has also been all over the place with how much money he wants to spend on our next house!

The first house I wanted had a bidding war and we couldn’t afford to bid over some of these bids.
The second house had someone who already put their bid in and really wanted it and I wasn’t feeling it to compete over this house!
The third house had another big bidding war and the person who bought the house paid full cash – how am I supposed to compete with that!?
The fourth house the people were crazy with what they were asking for their house.
We put a bid in for what we thought it was worth and went back and forth and the bottom line is it is not worth what they want for it is our opinion.

There are plenty of houses that Seth liked and would live in.  I am trying I really am.
I have also told myself I shouldn’t have to try when it is the right house I will know.
I am sorry Seth!  Better to feel tortured now then for forty years hearing about your wife not loving her house!

I can’t even tell you how many houses we have gone in to see.
Our realtor has shown us houses and I try to go to open houses frequently on Sundays.
My parents and neighbors have been wonderful and very often we leave the kids with them and Seth and I run to a house.
I am also doing more and more by myself because Seth has had it and I don’t blame him.  Honestly I have had it with myself.
My goal was to have moved before school started and here we are at the end of August and I am still searching for the right house for my family.

In my opinion you need a patient realtor who will put up with you and your family!
Thankfully my realtor puts up with my kids and I.
Max and Ella run up to the door and scream and fight over who is going to help open the lock box.
Max did the last house so this time it is Ella’s turn.
The next fight is over who is going to turn the key to open the door.
Seriously can we just go in and see the damn house!

We get into the house and the next battle is which kid is going to go with which adult as I am not allowing my children to be free in someone’s house.
Who knows what damage they could do?

Max is already up the stairs.  My kids love stairs because we live in a ranch so it is a novelty to them.
“Max you need to come downstairs and start in the kitchen with me and you actually need to stay with me,”  I yell from downstairs.
I try to control my rambunctious 6 year old and keep him from touching everything and running around enjoying the space in the homes we see.
I am lugging my 11 month old daughter around the house up and down the stairs, Max is right behind me and Ella has clutched onto my realtor and won’t let her go.

We head into the basement.  This is Max’s favorite part as he has to test the basement and tell me if there is enough room for him to run.
I love when he tells me no to a house because the basement is too small.  He cracks me up.  My husband asks him if he is paying for it?
“Well, if you aren’t paying for it you don’t get a say!”  I yell at Seth to be nice but quite frankly he has seen so many houses how do I ever give him a hard time.
By the way,  Seth has flown through the house in his 2 minute fashion and has already decided that I won’t like it and wants to leave and go to the next house.
I know he is right but of course I want to look!

The upstairs is terrible and the bathrooms are majorly outdated, the carpets all need to be pulled out and the master bathroom is a closet!
Ok, yes, Seth was right and I wasted more time.

I am ready to move to the next house and start booking down the stairs as I have seen enough.
My kids are obsessed with finding the door in the floor (a story my mom made up and told them so now they look in every room for this door)
and Max and Ella are still going through the bedrooms.  Lets go kids!
I continue to go down the stairs and now hear my realtor asking if it is ok what Max is doing.
Max has now decided to walk down the stairs on his hands.  “Max, how does that seem like a good idea?”
I ask my silly 6 year old and continue to ask him to please use his feet to walk down the stairs.
He gets to the bottom of the stairs and then decided to run back up so he can do it again but I grab his shirt and pull him to me.
“Max, it is time to leave and we don’t play on stairs,” I scold him as I wonder why on earth I brought him with me.
I turn around and Ella is now screaming about how high the stairs are!  “I am afraid of heights!  This is too high!  I am not coming down!”
I am very frustrated as I have two more houses to go to and this one is putting me over the edge!
“Ella take the railing and slowly walk down the stairs!  Lets go,”  I ask her as calmly as I can get myself to ask.
My realtor comes up next to her grabs her hand and slowly walks her down the stairs.

I am now feeling sweat pour down my back and am completely frustrated that the pictures online looked so nice!
I look at Seth and apologize and tell him he doesn’t’ have to come to the next round of houses!  Onto the next house!
At the next house it is now Max’s turn to help with the lock box, it is Ella’s turn to turn the key, and it is Seth’s turn to lug Lillie up and down the stairs!

“Now kids, you stay with me in the next house, you walk slowly through the house, and you calmly go up and down the stairs,”  I lecture them.
Seth makes up a good behavior contest to see who can behave the best in the next house.  Only two more house (for today)!
I will find a house.  This will all be worth it!  Everything is ok!  I continue to do self talk to the car to give myself a pep talk!
Oh the joy of house hunting with kids.  Remind me to leave them home next time!