Holidays are so fun!
Oh damn, the holidays are here! Rosh Hashanah is next week!
The first week of school! Are u kidding me?
Doesn’t the Jewish calendar understand that the first week of school doesn’t work for me!!!

Seth’s parents are divorced which makes things even more fun then usual!
Yes, after almost thirty years of marriage they decide to get divorced but that is another story!

So the phone calls and text messages begin about planning the holidays!
I tend to do it at my house or my parents house because both are “neutral” grounds.
The other issues are dietary! My parents eat super healthy and my dad is on a special diet.
Seth has certain things he can’t eat.
Then there are my kids who want basic foods with no sauce gravy or spice to it!

Seth’s mother asks me if my family wants to come to her house for Rosh Hashanah!
Thank you thank you I would love a break! Oh, but wait, will my parents come and eat, will Seth’s dad and his girlfriend come?
Oh the drama!

It is a freaking Jewish miracle! My parents say they will go and Seth’s dad says he will go! Step one accomplished!

There are two dogs at Seth’s mothers house!
This should be fun with a little girl who screams and a baby who crawls! Oh the joy of the holidays!

I explain some menu issues to Seth’s mom and ask her to please let me know the menu when she plans it.
Yes, I am that annoying parent but I need to see if there is stuff for my family to eat or I would be glad to bring stuff they will eat!
No casseroles, no gravy, they won’t eat any of that stuff!

We have a date. We have a place! I will let you know how this goes! Should be fun!