My goal for the day was to grocery shop and be home and unpacked by 4:30 when I needed to head to get Max’s haircut! Doesn’t that seem reasonable to you? Just wait!

My cleaning lady is on her way over so guess what I start doing: yes…cleaning! I do the dishes, I clean up all of their toys, and then I begin feeding and getting them all dressed! The cleaning lady shows up and then Lillie decides it’s time to go to sleep! Oh Lillie, now she can’t vacuum and I can’t leave the house!

Lillie decides to take a very long nap! Now Ella and Lillie are hungry for lunch and I can’t find my son! He was just in the front yard! Oh Maxwell, you are supposed to ask before you go in someone’s house!!!

I feed the girls and am now stressing about what time it is! I find Max next door and ask my neighbor to send him home. Ella is telling me she wants to go swimming with grammy (my mom) and Max is screaming that I always take him away from his friends! Just go swimming with your sister Max! Well, I get suckered into leaving Max with my neighbor and I book to drop Ella off to go swimming and run to Wegmans!

I book through Wegmans as quickly as I can! My cart is so heavy (we were out of everything) and Lillie appears to be falling asleep again!

The girl takes forever to load my cart (they are usually fast she must be new) and I decide to do drive up to make my life easier!
I book to my car, book to the line to get my groceries and watch the man slowly unload all of my groceries into my trunk!
I run home and unload my groceries as quickly as I possibly can and grab my son from the neighbors house! I am now running all the way down Transit to get Max’s haircut at Capello’s by my best friend Liz! How I made it on time is beyond me but I did it!

I am getting text messages from my husband, my mom and my realtor, Lillie is crying, and I am trying to have a conversation with Liz! Fun fun! Max’s hair looks awesome by the way!

I run home feed the kids and myself dinner (thank you mom for sending food home with Seth and Ella – oh yeah, Seth picked up Ella) and run out the door to Ella’s school meeting. I sit through the meeting and then I am off running again!

I pull up and Lillie is crying in a stroller outside with my neighbor, Ella runs into the house, and I see Max hysterically crying inside. Seriously people I was only gone for an hour!

I calm down Lillie and then go inside to see what is wrong with Max! What a day! All I wanted to do was leave the house!