I was four months late but I finally made Ella an eye appointment before she goes back to school!
I drag Ella to the car!  Ella is yelling that she wants daddy to take her!
Ok, you and I both know that if Seth was taking her to the car she would be screaming for mommy to take her.
Sometimes she just wants to be difficult!  “Just get in the car we are late!!!”

We sing songs from Pitch Perfect the whole way to the eye doctor and then run through the door – surprise surprise I am a little late but only a little!
I don’t know why I rush to any doctor appointment because they are always at least a few minutes behind?!  I need to learn to slow down!

Ella’s eye doctor is awesome!  She loves him and he is so good at his job!
Dr. Gordon brings us in and asks me right away if we have been doing the eye patch?
That is Seth’s job he does it every day!  Uh oh, there is more!  What does Ella do with her eye patch on?
She colors, plays with playdoh, plays with her Barbies.  Uh oh, wrong answer!
I later find out Ella needs to be outside with her eye patch riding her bike, playing with balls, rocks, etc!
Mental note I better get on that!  Dr. Gordon gives Ella the homework assignment to get outside and show off that patch!

Ella is giggling away during the eye exam and Dr. Gordon thinks Ella is a trip!
She loves the chair going up and down, she loves the bright lights and she thinks the doctor is so funny!
I am laughing away because Ella keeps giggling!
He asks what the picture is?  Ella says “a bee!”  He shows her again and Ella says “it’s a bee!”
He shows her a third time and Ella rolls her eyes, looks at him like – are u serious? Ella answers again with “IT’S A BEE!”
I am now trying to stay on the chair and not pee my pants!  “Is she always like this?  Or do I bring this out of her?”
I respond with “she is always like this but u definitely bring it out?”  Ella is a goof ball who is always happy and always giggling!

Other then laughing I am holding my breath!
I am nervous as to what the results will be of the exam because I am scolding myself for taking so long to come back!

The results are in…Ella’s eyes have significantly improved and I am beyond thrilled and relieved!
We have come a long way from the pregnant mom who couldn’t stop crying in his office because I found out Ella couldn’t see well out of her right eye!

We had taken Ella to an eye doctor before Dr. Gordon who examined her and said she would grow out of her eye turning in and that it was no big deal.

My advice to all you Moms and Dads:
1) ALWAYS follow your instincts! I knew in my gutt that something was wrong!
2) Make sure u go to good doctors!!!  Talk to people and get recommendations!!

We don’t need to come back for 6 months!  Woohoo!  Great news!

Ella now remembers that I promised a Paula’s donut afterwards so off I go to attempt to find it (I always have trouble finding it).
After about 15 minutes I give up and look it up online!  My husband laughs at me and doesn’t understand why I “try” to find places when my phone will TELL me!

I find Paula’s and guess what…It is closed and they relocated to Sheridan Dr.   Oh crap!!!!  Ella is now begging me to go find the new place!

We find the new Paula’s and my happy girl gets her donut!  Happy girl until she finds out it is time to leave and go race to go look at houses!

My baby can see well!  I couldn’t be happier!  Her crying about not wanting to look at houses doesn’t phase me as I know now that she is seeing the world around her!