So Ella started UPK this year, and loves it.
She is now obsessed with playing pre-school when she gets home, and she gets to be the teacher.
I have tried to involve Max in this, but he says, “I’m in first grade, this is too babyish for me.”

Then he tells me,
“Daddy, I had a dream that when I grow up I’m going to be as successful as you and make as much money as you do. I really hope it comes true.”

I tear up, and hug him, and tell him, “What you have learned about business and marketing at age 6 – took me until age 30 to learn.
You’re going to be way more successful than me.”

“You really think so, Daddy?”
“I know so. What if we started a secret success school?”

He leans in, eyes wide, looks around and whispers, “What’s secret success school?”
And I know I’ve got him.

I go to the kiddie white board Ella uses and draw a triangle.
“Ella what’s this?”
Ella can’t take the suspense. She’s jumping up and down.
“A triangle Daddy, I love secret success school!”

“Do you know what this triangle represents, Max?”
He’s not sure what I’m looking for.
“This is the secret to success.”
I write one word on each point of the triangle.

“What is this word?”
“Market is who you sell your products too.
If we try and promote your Skylander affiliate videos to people who don’t have the $14 to buy a Skylander, is that a good market?”
“No, I won’t make any sales.”
-God do I love him, he’s getting it at 6.

“Hey I have enough money in my wallet to buy a Skylander Swap Force right now!
If I keep making more money I can get lots of them!”
–That’s how you inspire a work ethic.

“What’s the next word Max?”
“M-M-Media? What’s that?”
“How you tell your customers to buy.
How do you get in front of your customers? Do you sell them via a book?”
“No Daddy. It’s online. It’s at”

“I am so proud of you. How do we tell them about the website?”
“Facebook! Like what Mommy does on her phone.”

“What’s the next word?”
“That’s why they should buy from you.”
“Because I’m a kid and I love Skylanders and I know which one’s are good and which one’s are lame!”
“I’m not sure I would use the word lame, but YES! That’s exactly it!

The better you put those three words together the more money you will make.”
“I can do that Daddy!’

Now I have to figure out what to do next, because I know he’s going to ask for the next class when I get home.