Pregnancy Number 3

We had our son Max and our daughter Ella….life was starting to get a little easier and Ella was out of diapers. We could both taste the freedom.

Seth kept telling me he was done and didn’t want anymore children. Seth would say “I got my boy, I got my girl, I am good!”

I begged and pleaded for just one more baby and Seth kept telling me he was good! “I will win this one,” I would tease my husband!

Seth continued to say no and attempted to convince me in his salesman way that we were good with two children. “I am trying to protect you! You don’t need more work and we need more time together!” I would ignore Seth and tell him I wanted my May baby and Seth would go over and over why we should be done.

“You don’t understand, Ella needs a sister! Have you seen how close sisters are? I haven’t had an uneventful birth I am due for one!!!” I would plead my case to Seth. He took a new route. His new route was “we will talk about it in September,” knowing that would give me a May baby that I always wanted. Now he knew he was at least off the hook until then!!

Seth did a great job in those next several months convincing me that we were good with two kids. I started to drop the subject. I started to hear his points. I was listening and I was now debating on whether my husband was right! Could he possibly have good points?

We are driving home one night and I tell Seth he has to stop and buy me some nerd candies. I literally had to have them and begged him to get me some! I have never in my life asked for Nerds! Seth looked at me like I was crazy and stopped at CVS! He came out with nerds and a pregnancy test!!!!

“Shit, shit, shit!!!!” I am totally freaked out! A positive pregnancy test, how could this be? Seth is going to be so upset I am thinking at this point as I scream from the bathroom!

Seth walks in, looks at the test, and is all smiles! “You are happy?” I ask my husband totally confused! He was thrilled and felt like this was meant to be! Phew!!!!!

Seth was the pregnancy police for the next 9 months. He wanted me to take it easy and there was no messing with him! The bigger I got the less he let me do! He was cooking, shopping, taking care of the kids, working, taking the kids all over the place and somehow staying sane!

They would leave to go to the zoo and I would cry! Seth would remind me that three kids would be crazy and I would be busier then busy before I knew it! “I will chain you to the recliner,” Seth would threaten me! He was willing to do what it took to avoid the NICU again! My hero! My superman! Mr. Mom!

I did more praying then I probably ever have. My son was an emergency c section and my daughter was six weeks early and sent to the NICU. I was ready for an uneventful birth. The third time is the charm I kept saying!

I went to the hospital a couple of times totally freaked out that I was in labor! I was happily wrong both times! This time my water broke, my baby was ready and she was full term!!!! 37 weeks! I made it! We made it!

Off to the hospital we go (why is it always the middle of the night by the way?). The prep was easy, the c section was easy and guess what…the recovery was easy! I felt great and I was ready to go home with my Lillie Rose! Lillie, thank you for giving me that uneventful birth that I always dreamed of! Seth, thank you for making me lay on the recliner! A sister for Ella! I get to see what sisters are like! I know what you are all thinking! What about Max? Yes, Max wants a brother! You know what I have to say about that: Max will love being a big brother to two sisters! You know what Seth has to say: shop is closed! Three is our number! Our party of five is completed!