The first pregnancy I asked for.  We had our son Max and I fell in love with my little boy.
Max was and is a mama’s boy who wanted his mommy all the time.
Seth would joke with me that he wanted a daddy’s girl and kept saying he was ready for number two!

“Are you crazy,” I would say!  “I am not ready!  Give me a few more months and we will talk!
I am the one who has to do all the work,” I complained!

Oops!  Guess what!  Pregnancy number 2!

I am so nauseous and I throw up multiple times every day.
At this point I am a stay at home mom so I am so thankful I don’t have to go to work and throw up at work!

I am listening to my friends complain about their weight gain and I find myself concerned that I can’t eat and I can’t gain weight!
Who thought I would ever be concerned with weight gain!  “When will the nausea end I plead to my doctor!
This better be a girl!  If another boy is putting me through this he is in serious trouble already!”
My doctor kept telling me the nausea would end soon!  The doctors all predicted a girl because my pregnancies were so different!

After hating the surprise of my first birth I tell Seth I am finding out what this baby is!
We head to the doctors to find out and in my mind I am seeing myself with all boys!
Seth’s dad had a brother, Seth has a brother, Seth and his brother each have a son!  The Greene men make boys I would tell myself!

They do a sonogram and tell me it is a girl but I don’t believe them!
They look again and tell me it is a girl!  I am not convinced but am excited!

The nausea goes away and I go back to normal!
I am chasing Max and trying to keep up with his energy all day.
We take him to Strong Museum and I lug my big belly through the whole museum!
I go grocery shopping and lug all my groceries home.
I proceed as normal because I don’t know any better!
Slow down pregnant mama’s!  Keep those babes cooking!

When you are pregnant you can’t hold your bladder!
You sneeze and you pee!
You cough and you pee!
You laugh and you pee…It sucks!!
So when I went to bed that night and woke up with fluid coming out of me I ran to the bathroom thinking the pee had a mind of its own!
Damn, the pee won’t stop!  What the hell!  It isn’t pee I tell myself!
“Seth!  My water broke,” I scream!  We run to my parents, drop off Max and run to the hospital! Crap crap crap I am not ready for this!!!

We get to the hospital and the nurse wants to make sure my water broke!
“What are you talking about!  The water is still coming out and you have to do a test?”
Sometimes medical people make no sense to me!
Ok, I tell her to do her own damn test because she doesn’t believe me and she confirms that yes my water broke!
Thanks Einstein!

Now they start planning for the delivery!  “Delivery?” I scream!  “Keep this baby in me,” I tell them.
When they told me I had to deliver my little girl I was beside myself!  I was 6 weeks early and I wanted her to cook longer!
“Why did I go to the museum? Why did I grocery shop? Seth should have done the grocery shopping!
I am royally pissed off at myself!
I have heard since then I could have made them monitor me and keep Ella in longer but who knows if that was the right option?

They start prepping me and ask me if I want to try a v-bac (vaginal birth after a c-section).
Seth is behind the nurse shaking his head no.
Ok, I understand it is his child and wife here but seriously he thinks he gets a vote?
I know in my heart that Seth is right (darn it) so I give them the go ahead for another c-section!
Just what I want – cut me open again – how exciting!

I am beyond excited to actually be awake this time for my baby’s birth!
I have no idea what to expect so I am a nervous wreck but lets do this!

Note to all you mothers getting c-sections – tell them you are nauseous!
Tell them you can’t stop shaking!
There are meds for that!!

After some serious nausea Ella is delivered!
They show me her and then explain she has to go right to the NICU to be checked out because she is so early!

Are you kidding me!!!!
First they put me out after 25 hours of labor with Max and now they are taking Ella away from me!
This sucks!  Oh, and severe shakes are next to follow and add to all the fun!  I stop shaking and get wheeled to my room.

They tell me I can’t go see Ella and I demand a wheelchair and to be brought in to see my baby.
There are tubes all over Ella and they are giving her a feeding tube!  Good lord give me strength!
I cry and cry and the nurses look at me like I am crazy!
I leave and come back and cry and cry and the nurses look at me like I am crazy!
Ella is in the NICU for 8 days and I cry and cry and the nurses continue to think I am crazy!
Yes I am crazy I want my baby!

I am supposed to be taking care of myself!  I am supposed to be laying down!
I am supposed to be pumping every 3 hours around the clock to give my baby breast milk!
Screw all of you I want to be with my baby!

Somehow I got myself through those 8 days!  My husband was my rock!
My mom called me on the phone at the hospital (she had Max all week) and would tell me to enjoy the down time.
My life was about to be crazy and she wanted me to rest up!  I wanted both of my babies with me!
Crazy, I should have been resting up my life would soon be busier then I had ever known!

The morning I got to take Ella home I began to feel like a normal person again!  Ella Rae Greene, welcome home!
We are through the moon excited that you are healthy, ok, and ready to be home!
You gave your mom quite a scare Miss Ella!
Now when I ask my four year old why she came so early she says routinely “because I couldn’t wait to see my family!”
I love that girl!  By the way, Seth got his wish and got his daddy’s girl!