Some days fly by and Seth shows up!  Some days drag and I count the minutes for Seth to get home.
There are days I have had enough and I just want to run away.  Just to Target for an hour but somewhere away!

It is 4:30 and I give myself a pep talk that Seth will be home in an hour!  I can do it!

The minutes drag and I start to make dinner with Lillie hanging on my leg and Max whining because he is so tired!
Ella is happily playing with playdoh!

I hear Seth’s car door and jump for joy!  He runs through the door all happy from a good day at work.
Max comes up to him and starts whining about his day and everything that has gone wrong.

I see my husbands smile change to annoyance in less then five minutes!
Seriously, I have been here all day!
Why does Seth think he can act like this?
He has been gone all day!  Shouldn’t he be patient kind and loving!

Well Max continues to be upset and Seth quickly puts him into time out.
Max doesn’t stop whining so Seth sends him into his room.
Max doesn’t stop so Seth now tells him to go to sleep.
Max now comes up to me hysterically crying about how mean daddy is.
Oh yes, daddy is home!!