My son was 2 1/2 when I took his binkies away! I told myself I would do the same thing with Lillie. However, it was much harder with my baby! I saw Max’s speech changing and I flipped out and took him to build a bear. He stuffed the dog with his binkies and life moved forward. He had one meltdown on the way home and that was it. Somehow I knew Lillie would be different!

I passed the 2 1/2 years point and my husband kept asking me when I was taking the binkies away! The pressure!!! I know he is right and I know what I said….but she is my baby!

I see Lillie’s teeth moving, I see her speech changing, and I know what I have to do!

Seth takes the morning off and we head to Build a Bear. Lillie is telling us the whole way there she doesn’t want to go to Build a Bear! She is holding her bag of binkies like a good girl and isn’t opening the bag. I am already impressed with her!

Lillie walked into Build a Bear and got super excited to pick something! A bear, a dog, a kitten, a pony…I know this is not going to be an easy decision for a 2 year old to make!!! She of course keeps picking a small bear that she can’t stuff. Note to build a bear: make smaller versions for our little toddlers to be able to stuff!

Lillie thinks she wants a My Little Pony but finally ends up picking out an Elsa bear. The staff at Build a Bear are awesome! Lillie runs over with her bear and her binkies ready to stuff the bear! The staff person gets so excited for Lillie and tells her how brave she is. Lillie is beaming with pride. She stuffs the bear with all of her binkies and then shows Seth and I her muscles! She gets it! She knows she is being brave and strong!

Lillie holds on to her binkie bear tightly running through the mall. We get to the car and she is whining for a binkie. I tell her to cuddle the bear and we head for lunch. “Mama, binkie, mama, binkie,” she says over and over as I tear up. I look at Seth and he tells me I did the right thing. I am so sad and so thankful my husband came with me! Note to mom’s – this doesn’t phase my husband. I could have sent him with Lillie and he would be fine! I am the big sap!

We attempt to eat lunch as Lillie lies down on the chairs. Who are we kidding? She is toast and needs to go home to sleep.

When we get home I run through the house looking for binkies and hiding them. Days later I am still finding binkies! The rest of the day flies by. Lillie doesn’t ask for her binkie. She goes to bed easy hanging on to her bear. I am holding my breath cause in my heart I know it isn’t over.

Lillie asks for her binkie many times. She tells me to put it in her mouth because she knows they are in the bear. The second night she tossed and turned and cried on and off all night. I feel so sad for her. I keep telling myself I did the right thing. My husband and mother tell me I did the right thing. My friends tell me I did the right thing. I am still sad! My baby!

The next two nights she sleeps well! Lillie asks for her binkie but I say you can have a blankie, your baby, your bear or a book. She now has four new B’s. I am not turning back. I am sad for her. I miss comforting her with her binkies.

I don’t miss:
Asking her to take her binkie out so I can understand her.
Looking for binkies.
Watching her drag her binkie across the floor and put it in her mouth.

I have gotten through five days! It isn’t over but we are making progress. I will give Lillie some time and then we will move on to potty training! Fun fun! Isn’t the third one supposed to potty train herself?

Do as a parent what I know is good for my kids even if it isn’t easy!
Give myself positive self talk “you did the right thing!”
Follow through!
Be strong!
Seek support!
Cuddle my toddler!