Sunday Funday

It is Sunday morning and Hebrew school is canceled because of Passover. I am thrilled I can relax and make the girls pancakes (that I can’t eat). I am losing weight (what is new) and am doing a fasting day.  You can imagine the happy mood I am in today!!

I feed the girls while Seth goes to grab Max from a sleepover. Seth and I discussed taking the kids to a newer playground that he wanted to see. Max comes home and gets settled on the couch. I am getting the girls dressed while Max moans that he wants to stay home and relax. Oh please can I stay home all day with three children and attempt to do nothing? Do you know what that would look like? Let’s just say not pretty! Getting out of the house tends to help to keep me sane but I am slowly seeing that Max is not caring much about my sanity today!

The girls are super excited to go to the playground and Max complains the whole way to the car. He wants a pajama day at home he says many times to me. I guess somehow Max thought he was in charge of our plans for today.

We begin the “long” drive and Max quickly complains that he is car sick. We are driving downtown (I hate being downtown) and we miss our turn to the skyway (I do this all the time). Seth takes a couple turns and finds another skyway entrance. We are almost there and Max is moaning and groaning that he needs to get out of the car. I already have to pee but remember that this playground has an actual bathroom. Do I always have to pee???

The kids get out of the car and the girls quickly head back to the car for their jackets. I am totally freezing (high 50’s today) and Max is off in shorts and short sleeves telling me he doesn’t want a jacket! Kids! I quickly learn the bathroom is closed for construction and refuse to use the port a potty! This should be fun!! I should be used to holding my pee!

The kids play on the playground and Lillie is having a ball! Max and Ella are quickly bored as Lillie squeals in delight! Seth starts giving Max and Ella ninja challenges to accomplish! I decide I can’t hold my pee anymore and we head to Tim Hortons at canal side for my needed coffee and bathroom! I promise the kids ice cream at our next stop!

At this point I am driving but I can’t find parking and am starting to wonder how long I can hold it! Giving birth to three kids definitely effected my bladder! If I laugh too hard I pee! If I sneeze too hard I pee! I can thank Max for the three hours of trying to push him out of me! Seth knows me pretty well and drops the kids and I at Tim Hortons and goes to find parking. Every child decides to use the bathroom and then wants to order food. I told them they could have donuts or ice cream and they all pick ice cream. I buy my coffee and as we go to leave Max decides he wants a donut. He then proceeds to start crying as we walk to ice cream telling me how starving he is. Remember, I am fasting today and haven’t eaten yet! I have fed Max a couple times already today. He doesn’t know what starving is! I am starving and grumpy and not amused with him! The ice cream place is closed and we turn around to get donuts! At this point I am laughing and Max is crying. The girls are going with the flow and Max is crying that he just wanted to have time at home today. I tell Max he is done with sleepovers and he looks at me like I am insane. I explain to Max as calmly as I can at this point that he can only go to sleepovers if he promises not to be cranky the next day! He quickly decides to be happy and devours his donut.

Max asks me what we are doing next. I tell him that I thought we would drive to Rochester and check out a mall there! He thinks I am hysterical at this point and asks where we are really going? “Home!” Seth says with force! So much for Sunday Funday! We tried! Points to Seth for coming up with the plan for today! Time to go home!