Ella knows how to party!!

As you know from my last blog Ella decided she had to have her birthday party at a roller rink! I was a little nervous that the first graders would be falling all over and struggling but I decided all I could do at this point was hope for the best!

Ella asked for a descendants cake so I had ordered it from my friend. I give her a theme and a flavor and then I let her do her thing! I will attach a picture so you can see this awesome cake!


Going with the descendants theme I decided I was going to make favors. I went from necklaces to bracelets to bagging it. There wasn’t descendants stuff anywhere and I didn’t want to order stuff online and wait. I absolutely love etsy but want to let you all know that when I order stuff from etsy it takes forever for it to arrive!! Drives me crazy!!

After going back and forth with Ella we decide on a roller theme – rolos, roll ups, tootsie rolls and a mini skateboard….a bunch of junk I shouldn’t be feeding the kids! Next time I will stick to necklaces, key chains….favors are a pain in the you know what!

We arrive to the rink and Ella and Max get their skates on as soon as they can and are off skating! I brought Lillie a scooter and get her started and she is off. All I want to do is put on my rollerblades and go but I am nice and I greet everyone. Her friends come pouring in and Ella’s face is glowing.


If I forgot to invite anyone I apologize! If you know me you know I want to invite the whole world…however, inviting the whole class kind of did me in!

Seth and I paid a lot to rent out the rink but Max bugs me the entire night to give him money for the arcade! The kid is arcade obsessed! I must have said “go skate” fifty times to Max that night!

Seth looks at me dealing with Max and talking to all the moms and says to me “go skate!” Lol! He is right! He knows I love to roller blade so I put them on and attempt to skate! Every time I attempt to skate the roller rink employees are asking me questions or Lillie is crying! Lillie clearly does not want me skating and keeps asking me to take my skates off! Motherhood!!! Note to self – I need to come skate without my children!

Max and Lillie are stressing me out and then I look over at Ella and I see her giggling and skating with her friends and I feel my reset button get pushed! This is what tonight is about! Ella’s friends are all giggling and skating too! These first graders were doing awesome! I was so happy and then I found a friend crying trying to skate with her mom and I run over! I am both a mother and social worker at heart and I never want to see a child upset! When I see how upset this little girl is trying to skate I run and get Ella’s scooter! I am so thankful right now that I brought it! Problem solved – phew! My goal at birthday parties is for all the kiddos to be happy and safe! I do my best!

Ashley arrives with the cake and I am completely amazed! It doesn’t matter how many cakes she makes me each one is better then the next! Ella and I are blown away! We absolutely love this friend so having her make Ella’s cake was so special to us!

Pizza (I am so tired of looking at pizza), cake and more skating! I feel myself starting to release the breath that I was holding! Why do I let myself get so stressed! Everything usually works out! Did I mention that I started a cleanse! Yes, no gluten, no sugar, no dairy….do you know what the means? No pizza and no cake for this mama! Can we say holy self control!!!!! I did it! It wasn’t easy but I did it! The bottom line is we can all do anything we set our minds on!!!

I not only got to see my kids and their friends having fun….I think the best part was seeing the moms and dads put on skates and have fun!  Everyone was telling me this was reminding me of their childhood!! Can you guess where I decided to have my 40th birthday!  I will be back to party!!

We pack everything up and head home.  I wanted the party Saturday night but it was booked so I did Sunday (a school night)!  Ella begins ripping open presents and losing cards!  This drive me nuts!  I attempt to slow her and Lillie down more times then I can count!  It is late!  It is a school night!  My house is a disaster!  Descendants dolls and accessories, shopkins, jewelry, arts and crafts, games, etc thrown all over the family room!  You can guess how happy I am!!  We get the kids to bed and Seth looks at me with confusion. “You do this to yourself every party!” He says looking around the mess of a family room!  “Next party all the presents go in the dining room and I will bring one at a time into the family room to open!”  Yup!  He is attempting to solve my problem as he always does!  Men love to solve problems.  They don’t want to hear you bitch, they don’t want to hear why it won’t work, they just want to solve the problem!

The house is somewhat cleaned up and I sit and think about the night!  Ella got to put on her boogie shoes and have a great party!  She invited her whole class like she wanted and she got to have it at a roller rink!  Mission accomplished!  On to planning the next party!!

Party on!