Another Minivan

My lease on my car was up and I was determined not to get another minivan. I was ready for a change! I have had three minivans and although they are super convenient there is no fun factor! I love cars and I wanted something fun!

My friend said she hated her Acadia but I had my eyes set on an Acadia! I was going to get a pearl white Acadia with tan seats! I had my mind made up and that was what I wanted!

I had an Acadia dropped off at my house! I was determined to get my family to love it! All three of my kids and my husband got into the car and made a face! I asked them to give it a chance and off we went to soccer! I loved driving it and then we pulled into the parking lot! I grimaced as they opened the doors praying they wouldn’t damage another car or their fingers! I guess I have been spoiled for 9 years with my sliding minivan doors!

We watch Max’s soccer game and then head back to the car. Seth makes a face as he tries to fit all our chairs in the trunk! “This trunk sucks!” he tells me! I am driving home and Max is telling me he is getting car sick! “Mom, I don’t like this car! I want a minivan! The minivan is our home on wheels. Why would you ruin that?” Max makes his case to me! Ella is in the third row complaining about how uncomfortable she is back there! Lillie is in her car seat smiling telling me how cool this car is! Thank you Lillie! At least one of my family members agrees with me!

They didn’t know it, but they brought me the exact Acadia I wanted! It was a beautiful white with tan seats! I stared out at my driveway as I knew it wasn’t going to be mine! As much as I would like to put myself first, we all know where this is going! “Mom, I am car sick!” “Mom, I am squished!” “Rebecca, this trunk has no space!” “Kids, be careful with the doors!” All these things were playing in my head!

Seth and I head to Toyota to get another minivan! “I am at least getting a white one with a tan interior!” I tell Seth as I mope to the dealer! “You are being a spoiled brat,” Seth tells me as he looks over at my sad face! Yes, he was right! No, I didn’t want another minivan! “We have a blue or black Sienna in the model you want to pick from today!” We are told at the car dealer! I didn’t want to come back! I didn’t want to order a white one! “Let’s just get this done and get the black one!” I am so done!

So, here I sit in my black minivan! I have been moping about it for three months now! Today I had an epiphany! I am a mom! I am a mom who loves her kids and puts her kids first! That is what this minivan stands for. Today I will smile and drive my minivan!