I have wanted a dog of my own for the last fifteen years. I grew up with dogs. My family always had a dog. I begged your father for a dog for fifteen years to get you. Now you are finally here! We had cats for fifteen years. I love my cats. You love our cats too. Thank you for loving them and for loving your family!

We brought you home when you were 7 weeks old. I couldn’t believe your father said that we could have you. I didn’t see that coming. He continues to surprise me. I’m sorry that I had no idea what I was in for. I had no idea that I would be up with you at night for a month. We brought you home in the cold winter and I took you outside to pee in the freezing cold. I spent two solid weeks potty training you 24 hours a day. Thank you for only taking two weeks. Thank you for getting it so quickly. That was a long two weeks. You try so hard to be a good boy.

I didn’t know what it was like to train a dog. I never trained my dogs. I never cleaned up after my dogs. I never fed my dogs. My mom did everything! Now I feed you, I clean up after you, I walk you and take care of you. I teach you new tricks. You catch on very quickly to most things!

Walking has been the most challenging with you. I am building major muscles in my arms. I have had many massages and chiropractic adjustments over the last six months of having you. Persistence is the key to any success, so I won’t give up. We are working so hard to get you to stop pulling us!

I had no idea that getting a dog was like having a fourth child. My cats are so low maintenance. You want attention and you want to be near me. You follow me around the house to see where I am. You paw at me and bark at me to give you attention. Don’t you know that when the kids are at school that I need some down time. Shouldn’t you know this? How about nap time? I look in your eyes and I see the love you have for us. I am trying hard to be a good mom to you. It isn’t easy. I have heard that it gets easier.

Your dad calls me the stay at home mom that is never home. Right now, it is May Madness so there is a lot of stuff going on in our lives! PTA events, Girl Scout Events, Soccer games, Theater Performances, you name it and it is on the schedule. I am sorry we run in and out of the house so much. I try hard to give you multiple walks every day and lots of attention. I’m sorry that life with three children is so busy.

We discovered an awesome day care for you. You LOVE going to Canine Capers Doggy Day Care! I wish I could take you more! Our goal is to get you there once a week. You get to play with other dogs! It is such a warm and welcoming place! You drag me inside when you see where we are going. I’m sorry being stuck home with me can be boring. I am not as exciting as the day care is. I will take you to some doggy parks and let you run around.

We got through winter and I thought that was hard. You love the snow and enjoyed the cold weather. It didn’t phase you. Now we are in the muddy spring season. Winter was easy. Your paws were clean, and the backyard was frozen. Now the backyard is a muddy mess and you bring muddy paws in every time that you come in. I just bought you baby wipes to help with your paws. We will see how you like summer. Hopefully you will like swimming and the nice weather. I have a feeling you are going to be a winter boy like Max and Ella are. They love the winter too. I am totally outvoted in this family. I have a feeling that if you could vote you wouldn’t want to move to warmer weather like I do.

It is May 21, 2019 as I write this. On June 3rd you will be 8 months old. People keep telling me the first year with a puppy is the hardest (like with a baby). People keep telling me that every year will get easier. The vet told me that around 3 years old you will calm down. We shall see. Right now, I am trying to get through your first year. You are full of energy and love. Your father wanted a big dog. Well, you sure are a big dog. You are 70 something pounds right now and still growing! I am guessing you are going to end up being 90 lbs! Your father wanted a golden retriever. He said that if he was going to get a dog that you are the dog he would get. My father told me to get a boy! You are my first boy dog. I always had girls. I am new to this boy dog thing. I am learning. Every day is a new lesson with you. I will keep trying. I know it will get easier. I hope you will keep trying too.

When I want to get another puppy, I will read this blog over and over again. I am sure the first year of your life will become a distant blur just like it did with my kids. What I want you to know is that even though I get frustrated with you sometimes, I love you very much. I hope that you are happy with your family.

Before you think about getting a dog, think about this:
Do you have the time to devote to a dog and giving the dog attention, love and walks?
Are you home enough?
Are you ready for another “child?”
How do you feel about cleaning up all the gross stuff in the yard?
Think about what size dog you want! Tanner is HUGE and growing! Seth certainly got his big dog!

Laughing, Loving and Learning,
Rebecca Greene, LCSW-R