Dear Mothers everywhere this May:

I want to tell you all that,

  • It’s okay if you miss an email, or two, or three (I missed a lot).
  • It’s okay to miss a signup genius.
  • It’s okay to feel overwhelmed.
  • It’s okay to not have a clean uniform ready.
  • It’s okay to not know what time you need to be somewhere.
  • It’s okay to use your village.
  • It’s okay that your daughter lost another water bottle.
  • It’s okay to miss something. We can’t be everywhere.
  • It’s okay to have bagels in the car for dinner. Or hot dogs and popcorn at the baseball diamond.
  • It’s okay to lose your patience.
  • It’s okay that you forgot a dentist appointment.
  • It’s okay to forget dinner. They will remind you that they are hungry.
  • It’s okay to miss a work call for your kids flag football game.
  • It’s okay to miss a work dinner because your daughter has dance pictures.
  • It’s okay to say no. Now read that one again!
  • It’s okay that you missed an event.
  • It’s okay that your head is spinning.
  • It’s okay that you had to focus on something and that other things took the back burner. We have priorities.
  • It’s okay to miss a field trip because you have to work.
  • It’s okay to tag your husband in because you need a moment.
  • It’s okay that your house isn’t clean. Especially in May (and June!).
  • It’s okay that you forgot to sign your child up for camp and you missed the one they wanted.
  • It’s okay that you bought the birthday present on the way to the party.
  • It’s okay that you forgot to buy dress pants for your daughter’s concert. Good thing she reminded me.
  • It’s okay that you have to call your parents or your friend to pick up your kids.
  • It’s okay that you don’t have time for that committee.
  • It’s okay that you put your list aside to sit on the couch and watch a show. We need down time too!
  • It’s okay to go workout or meditate for you and not work on your to do list.
  • It’s okay that you forget to sign the permission slip.
  • It’s okay that you forgot there was a field trip that day.
  • It’s okay to feel down. Give yourself a moment.
  • It’s okay that your child has to leave lacrosse early to get to a baseball game.
  • It’s okay that you have to miss that baseball game to do something for your other child.
  • It’s okay that you forgot to buy a new swimsuit that fits for school swim day.
  • It’s okay that you didn’t do that load of laundry.
  • It’s okay that your sink is full of dishes.
  • It’s okay that you forgot that it’s teacher appreciation week. There is still time!
  • It’s okay to buy gift cards for teachers instead of making something (they probably prefer a gift card).
  • It’s okay that you ran out of food to pack for lunches.
  • It’s okay to feel like you aren’t doing enough. I bet you are.
  • It’s okay to ask your husband to change his work schedule so that you can volunteer for something.
  • It’s okay that you didn’t check your children’s homework. I don’t even tend to ask if they have homework.
  • It’s okay to not know what to do first.
  • It’s okay that the toilet is overflowing. It will be okay.
  • It’s okay to ask for help.
  • It’s okay to tell your family what you want to do for Mother’s Day.

May is the month to say to yourself and other moms: “It’s okay.” It’s the month of grace and understanding. It’s the month of taking things day by day and hour by hour.

I am sitting here thinking about the five different costumes, five different hair do’s and three different tights that Lillie needs for dance pictures this week. One costume at a time. One hairdo at a time. One day at a time. Keep telling yourself that, “It’s okay.”

Take time this Sunday from your to do list to just be. Take some time for you. Whether you want to be surrounded by your family or alone reading a book, I hope you will do something for you this Sunday. Take a moment for you.

Take care mamas. We can do this. I’ve got you.

P.S. Thank you to the mom who got me all caught up on dance. Go remind a friend what is going on for dance, cheerleading, lacrosse, baseball, theater, etc.

Laughing, Learning, Loving,

Rebecca Greene, LCSW-R

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