Happy Family Game Night

I bought my 8 year old Apples to Apples Jr for his birthday.
This is my kids latest obsession.
They want to play every night which is adorable!
I walk away from the huge pile of dishes to play with them.

My husband is already cranky so I am already guessing this is not going to go how I would like it to!
I start passing out cards to everyone.
The two year old takes her cards and quickly decides she wants to play while sitting on the table.
It doesn’t even phase me but Seth wants her on her chair so Lillie is now crying and running over to me!
Happy Family Game Night!

Ella insists on being the first judge and picks Max as the winner!
Seth is the next judge and also picks Max as the winner.
Max is very persuasive so this is the perfect game for him!
Ella is now in tears because Seth picked Max!
I am now holding Lillie on one leg crying and Ella on my other leg crying.
I put Lillie in her chair and attempt to talk to Ella.

I am a social worker so I do on a regular basis attempt to teach my children important life lessons!
I explain to Ella that she can’t cry every time we don’t pick her.
I like that she wants to win but she needs to have good sportsmanship and be happy for other people too.
She calms down and we continue to play.

Max is rocking back and forth in our nice dining room chair.
Seth asks Max to sit still or he will end up breaking another chair!
Max is very rough on our furniture!
Lillie climbs up on the table and I put her back in her chair.
She falls to the ground throwing herself having a temper tantrum. We attempt to keep playing!
Happy Family Game Night!!

We do another round and Max picks Ella as the winner!
It is now my turn to judge and I see Seth turning red watching Max rock on his chair!
I ask Max to please stop rocking and he explains he has too much energy.
We tell Max he will jog on the treadmill after this game because he needs to expend some energy!
Max continues to rock and Seth tells him he lost his iPad the rest of the day!
Max stomps off saying he will go play with Lillie.

Seth wins the first game and Ella is crying saying she wants another chance.
Despite my better judgement I say one more round!
Seth is rolling his eyes and quickly says he is out of this game!

Seth goes off to entertain Lillie and Max comes back.
Ella who is just learning to read keeps shoving cards in my face and sitting on top of me.
She is now shoving a card in my face and bending it!
I gently shove Ella off of me and she starts crying hysterically.
I know her feelings are hurt and she is the sweetest thing so I feel terrible.
I hold Ella and apologize and explain that I am feeling smothered and that I don’t want them bending and breaking cards to a brand new game
(that Lillie already spilled water on).

I calm Ella down and we decide to move on to snack time and book time because clearly we are all melting down!!
Hopefully we will have better luck tomorrow!