I tell Max that we will buy him an awesome present instead of a party! Max says no way, he wants a big fun party! Lucky me!

I begin to make the guest list but you all know how crazy this is! School friends, soccer friends, family friends, neighborhood friends….my lists are always out of control and my husband usually gets annoyed with me (because he pays for it)!

Max is begging for lasertron but when we look up the price my husband Seth quickly vetoes it and a few other places! The three of us fight about places and then Max thankfully chooses the YMCA! Soccer, dodgeball, food and fun, I can do this!

Max says he only wants boys at his party! Yes, he has girl friends, yes we probably upset people, yes only boys makes my list much more manageable!

The list is done, the place is booked, and I feel like I have already been through the ringer!

Max is obsessed with minecraft and wants it as his theme! My friend Ashley was going to make Max an amazing Minecraft cake! I am a Pinterest mom (don’t shoot me), and I scroll through Pinterest wanting to do ALL of the Minecraft party ideas! My husband tells me I am nuts but then says he wishes I had planned his childhood parties. Max comes home from school and sees all the Minecraft ideas on the computer every day and is getting more and more excited!

I am sending things to Seth at work daily for him to print (our printer is not hooked up) and Seth is increasingly annoyed as I tell him he needs to print more and bigger labels!

All Max can talk about is his birthday. He is so excited and is bouncing off the walls! I am also wondering about his school behavior and I email his teacher and apologize that Max is beyond excited about his birthday! I am guessing his ability to sit still at school may be compromised this week as Max counts down to his party!

Ella my 5 year old is so tired of hearing about Max’s birthday and is growing increasingly jealous! If I hear about one more idea about Ella’s birthday I am going to explode! “Ella, let me get through Max’s party and then I promise we will plan yours!”

Party day arrives and I can’t wait to get it done! I am hoping that all 25 boys have a blast!

It is Friday night and at the end of the week I usually want to curl up on the coach and decompress but I am gearing myself up for 25 crazy energetic boys!

The boys start piling in and my eyes bulge out of my head seeing all these kids! My husband, my parents, seth’s dad and his girlfriend and a few of my friends stayed to help (thank G-d)! They don’t stop coming in! We think we have most of them so we head in for soccer in the gym! The boys just keep coming! What the hell did I do? The last boy finally piles in and they happily (mostly) play soccer and dodgeball! Thankfully only one boy was injured! He sat on the side with a twisted ankle but quickly recovered (phew)!

We head into the party room and pizzapaluza begins! All the adults are handing out pizza, chicken fingers, subs, pop, juice…..I realized how much 3 years of waitressing prepped me for situations like these!

We move onto cake and I convince myself to cut the beautiful Minecraft cake cause what other option is there!

I am running around serving cake! I am overstimulated, overwhelmed and I have frosting all over me! My friend turns to me and asks if I am going to do presents! For the love of G-d, yes, we are and I am getting to it (sorry friend and yes I did snap at her)!

Presentpaluza begins and the boys are all screaming every time Max opens a present! Max got awesome presents! Our friends are freaking generous!

Guinness Book of World Records

Star Wars remote control car

Spy Gear

Hover ball

Nerf guns

Nerf cross Bow

Samurai battle robots

Minecraft toys and books

Board games….the list goes on!

The boys were all screaming and Max was thrilled! The food was almost gone, the candy bar was emptied, the cakes were eaten, everything had gone pretty smoothly! Hallelujah and the parents were all arriving! I handed out goody bags and I looked at Max’s face! He was glowing with happiness and all the work and crazy melted away! Happy Birthday Max!

My lessons – 25 boys is probably too many for a party? Haha!
Use your supports!!! They got me through the party sane!
Think about what you say before you say it so you don’t snap at anyone! Oops!