If you are having any issues, I want you to take a deep breath and look in the mirror. I want you to think about how your issue begins with you. I hope you will hear me out. Think about any behaviors and thoughts that are leading to your issues.

People ask me how I have it all together? How do you balance it all? How do you do so much? How do you seem so happy? Those questions may sound familiar. I think one of the most common questions that women ask each other is how we manage all that we do every day.

If you follow me, you know how much I believe in the power of self talk. You also know that I have majorly been working on my self talk over the last couple of years. With a lot of practice, I have come a long way. I hear myself say, “I’m so proud of you,” frequently to myself multiple times a day. However, there was always something sitting in the background that I wasn’t feeling proud of. We can make strides in a lot of areas of life, but if there is one thing really nagging at you, you will continue to criticize yourself for not working on that issue.

A lot of you know that I have been on quite the roller coaster ride up and down with my weight. If you know me, you have probably seen me thin and not so thin. If you don’t know me well, then welcome to the community and I’m so glad that you are here!

This roller coaster ride began about 28 years ago. I knew there was an emotional component to this issue that I wasn’t uncovering. If the weight kept finding it’s way back to me, something was underneath that I needed to get to and I needed help.

I knew I would continue to have issues with myself until I tackled this area of my life. I knew it was time to go on this journey (again). My first weight loss journey I remember losing 40 lbs. I remember one time I lost 25 lbs. I remember another time I lost 87 lbs. I knew it in my heart that this was an issue. I knew that I needed to tackle it. I knew that I needed to get to the root of it. I knew that no matter what success I had as a mother, wife, daughter, friend, podcaster, blogger, vlogger, author that this issue would always be in the back of my mind until it was no longer an issue. As much success as you may be having in areas of your life, if something is bothering you, tear off the band aid and face it. To really feel successful, I also needed to feel better about myself.

My husband sent me to Dr. Barbara Coyle for a Neuro Emotional Technique that our sister-in-law taught us about. Dr. Barbara is amazing, and I can’t say enough good things about her. I need to go back and see her because I was blown away. She uncovered the root of my issues with my weight, and I can’t thank her enough. I told my husband that I don’t know if twenty years of therapy would have ever gotten to my issue because it wasn’t in my conscious mind. If you are feeling an emotional block, I would recommend finding someone who is qualified to do NET work. I’m going to have to interview Dr. Barbara or my sister-in-law about NET because I am sold for life. Both Dr. Barbara and my SIL told me that I should get trained in NET! I love this idea!

I’m not going to get into the nitty gritty of what the doctor uncovered. What I am going to say is that I am going to make this journey last a lifetime. I feel different and I am on the road to a better me. I am going to explain how all my trust issues can be worked on right within me.

Every time I refuse to get on the scale = denial and trust issue with myself.

Every time I make poor food choices = trust issues with myself.

Every time I say I’m going to do something and don’t follow through = trust issues with myself.

Every time I say I’m going to exercise, and I don’t. = trust issue with myself.

If we have trust issues with ourselves, then it spreads to other people in our lives. If you can’t trust yourself then who can you trust? It all begins with you.

February 5th, I ripped off the band aid and got on the scale. When your stretch pants are tight, it’s time to rip off the band aid. I had been in denial. I had been avoiding the topic all together. Every time I saw Max and Lillie working out, I knew I needed to be healthier for me and for my family. My kids inspire me.

I would like to live a long healthy life. I would like to be there for my husband and kids. I would like to be here for my grandchildren. My choices every day are going to determine this outcome. I am determined to be a better me.

As I work on being a better me in my personal and work life, I can’t ignore this anymore. Ignoring things are not healthy for us. Ignoring things cause barriers to being the best we can be. We want our overall self to be worked on and bettered in all areas of our lives. I love learning about myself and growing as a person. I always say that our goal is to become the best versions of ourselves.

Wish me luck on the journey to a better me. If there is something you have been avoiding, today is your day to face it with me. We got this.


Laughing, Learning, Loving,

Rebecca Greene, LCSW-R


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