Max’s Birthday Partypalooza

My son is turning 6! Time to plan the dreaded birthday party!

Max is just like me! He has a million friends and wants to invite every single friend and have a huge fun party which his fathers wallet doesn’t enjoy!

Seth hears us making the birthday list. He comes over and says to us “you only get 20 slots!” 20 people? Is Seth crazy?
I was at 35 trying to get it down to 30! Oh this should be fun!

Seth then lectures Max and I that instead of crossing people off he should have found out how many slots there were first and then only let Max pick 20 friends.

Man do I hate when my husband is right!

Well, there are 20 kids in Max’s class so we can’t invite the whole class. We have neighbors, we have good friends, we have class friends! Wait till he starts to get Hebrew school friends and sports friends! The list is always so fun!

Somehow Max and I get the list to a little above twenty and Seth okays it! We now start fighting about where to have it! Seth and Max both vote for the Buffalo Science Museum so I am outvoted! Fine, the science museum it is!

Now on to setting a date with the Science Museum! Check!
Picking a room at the Science Museum! Check!
Ordering a cake! Check check! Ordering the food! Check!
Buying favors! Check!
Decorations for the room! Check!
Is my list complete?

So we text the cake lady a picture of the Angry Birds cake that Max wants! She shows up at our house with the cake and she is not happy about what she charged us for how hard this cake is! Seriously lady! You could have called us and said she needed to charge us more. You could have called us and said the cake was too hard and that we needed to pick something else! People are funny!

We load the kids, the cake, the favors, the diaper bag etc and off we go to try to be early for Max’s birthday party! Max is off the wall excited and Ella is complaining about wanting to plan her birthday party!

Seth and my dad wheel the cake up to the third floor. Ok why did I pick the third floor? Mistake number one!

I enter the room and there are decorations up! They told me there wouldn’t be? Mistake number two!

The kids start to mill in one after another filling up the room! Why did I invite so many kids? Mistake number three!

Lets get started science museum and keep these kids all busy!!!
The Science museum did an amazing job keeping the kids entertained! The problem was once she was done with her experiments the kids were bored!

Where is the food lets go!!
The food shows up and the brilliant mom I am I let my son order chicken fingers and chicken wings! Everyone is looking for the pizza! Uh oh, mistake number four!

It gets worse! The plain chicken fingers we ordered seem to have a mild sauce on them and lots of kids are complaining! I am now at mistake number five!

Is the party over yet? Lets get the cake done and get everyone out of here!

I am overstimulated overheated and my husband is staring at me like I am crazy! Leave me alone Seth!
I mean I love you honey!

Now my boobs are throbbing and my mom is in the corner giving Lillie a bottle! After attempting to pump in the party room (silly of me), I run downstairs, find a private mom room, and finally get to pump and feel better! Huge kudos to the Buffalo Science Museum for the private Mom room and for the great birthday party.  My family and I love the science museum.

This was a crazy day and it isn’t over! Everything is loaded in a few cars and we are off to go home and let Max eat more cake and open a ton of presents! On the ride home Ella is now beyond jealous and begging me to start planning her birthday party and Max is asking me where he should have his next birthday party! Partypalooza baby!!