We had a wonderful Passover seder at my parents house. My mom made a ton of delicious traditional food and Seth led a funny yet meaningful seder. The kids behaved and we ate a ton and laughed a ton. All of our parents were together and we had a wonderful evening.

The next day Max starts complaining that he wants to go on an Easter egg hunt. I feel badly knowing how I felt as a kid.

Easter morning Seth is off to Wegmans with a list and I add Easter eggs and jelly beans to the list. Seth says no way and heads off to Wegmans. He returns with some odd jelly beans and no Easter eggs. I am not amused!

Max is whining that he wants to do an egg hunt. Seth looks around the playroom and starts collecting eggs. Our two year old is egg obsessed so I have been buying her random plastic eggs but in Lillie fashion she has lost most of them.

I stomp up the stairs wishing I had gone to wegmans. I don’t enjoy when Seth goes because he doesn’t tend to come home with what I want. While I am upstairs Seth takes off to wegmans (it is across the street). He calls me with egg and jelly bean questions. I cannot believe we are discussing plastic eggs – which they are out of!

Seth comes home less then amused. He tells me he is not doing any Christmas or Easter stuff. The kids and I decide we will buy more matzah and I can send them on a matzah scavenger hunt! I just like any reason to do fun stuff with my kiddos!

I look up the Ymca schedule online and it says they have open swim all day. I am surprised they are open but I pack up and head there. I am gonna workout and then my family will meet me to swim. Why did I think a Christian based organization would be open on Easter! Not a car in the parking lot! Time for plan B!

We all get dressed and head to the bowling alley. Max starts us out. He wants no guidance on how to bowl correctly and is running and throwing the bowling ball. All he wants is a spare and is throwing himself on the ground every time he doesn’t like how he bowled. Seth and I are growing repeatedly annoyed with his behavior. I tell Max to just have fun. I ask Max if I can please teach him how to bowl. There is no talking or reasoning with Max!

Ella is the giggling bubbly bowler! She wants daddy to help her and has a great time rolling the bowling ball between her legs. She is dancing around having a fabulous time and is getting a bunch of spares!

Max is hugging Ella when she bowls well which then turns to dirty looks as the game goes on. I tell Max that daddy would be happy to help him too! I tell Max that my dad still helps me bowl but I can’t seem to say anything right!

Max loves the vending machine and is obsessed with looking at all of his options, and asking me if he can have something! “Max, if you behave and get it together bowling and have some fun with us I will let you buy something at the end of the game!”
I should have known! Max is my incentive man! Give Max an incentive to strive for and he will do whatever you want him to do!

It is my turn to bowl. Lillie wants to bowl so I let her roll my ball with me. Seth is not amused and wants to actually bowl a game with me and try to crush me! Oh the joys of trying to make all of my family happy!

Lillie is in a running off stage. I remember this stage all too well with Max at this age! It is not fun! I vividly remember our Temple director finding me crying at Temple as I attempted to chase Max while pregnant with Ella. Good times!

Lillie is repeatedly running off and I am busy trying to protect her from all the flying bowling balls!

The game ends and Seth happily won! The kids are beyond thrilled to pick something from the vending machine.

Half of the bowling alley is totally empty. The kids decide to run up and down over and over again. Seth and I take a seat and watch them run and burn energy! This continues over and over and Seth asks me why we spent money on bowling? All they want to do is run!! If only I could bottle and sell their energy!

Happy Passover
Happy Easter
Happy Spring!!
Love the Greene family!!

My lessons:
*Call ahead on holidays to see what is open!
*Go to Wegmans myself!
*Give Max incentives to work towards when I want to improve his behavior!
*Leave Lillie with one of our mothers next time we decide to go bowling!