Make it Stop

I like to pray. It gives me peace and calms my nerves! When planning a big event I tend to say prayers about my family being healthy! Let my three children be healthy and be able to enjoy Ella’s party I prayed many times! Let’s get through the party! Well, I didn’t say anything about after the party!

Every day I am hearing that this one has the flu, this one has an ear infection, this one has strep, this one has the stomach flu!! It was making me crazy! I heard that grape juice prevents the stomach flu. My kids Doctor thought I was nuts when I asked her about this! However, guess who hates juice!? Guess who got the stomach flu?

Ella comes downstairs from school and says she is going to sleep on the couch and lays down on the couch. She says she isn’t up for school and asks me if she can stay home! Why on a Tuesday!!!? I was gonna drop Lillie at preschool and get a ton of errands done by myself! I was gonna go to the gym by myself! Lillie only goes to school Tuesday and Thursday mornings! My sacred time to myself! Ella never asks to stay home so I say ok and Max and Seth leave. As Seth pulls out of the driveway the puke begins! She continues the rest of the day! Seth comes home and looks at me and knows to calm me down. “She will be fine!” He says to me several times. When Ella gets this sick it is hard for me. She is my super skinny kid. She can’t afford to lose weight!

The next day is no better! I have never seen a kid puke this much ever in my lifetime! Just make it stop! She is begging me for water but pukes every time she takes a sip. My dad does research and finds out to give the body time after you puke (20ish minutes), do a sip of water and sit up. This is supposed to help?! My poor baby! Ella is home the rest of the week because two days of puking knocked her out!! I am stuck home for days completely going stir crazy! I am not one to stay home!

Saturday Ella is bouncing around and I can’t stop smiling! I love seeing my peppy girl back but Lillie is climbing all over me sneezing and coughing! No…….
Saturday night Lillie gets a fever! Make it stop! Max and I are stuffed up and Seth leaves on a business trip!  How am I going to do this? I remind myself that my parents will help me. I remind myself that I have friends who will help me! I have trouble asking for help! This is something that I want you to all get over if you have the same problem! We are one person! We can’t do everything! Three kids tends to equal three different directions! It takes a village!

I am stuffed up and sneezing, I am worn out, but we are on an upswing! We had such a great winter! The cold weather must freeze germs! Warmer weather has not been my friend!!
Get sleep!
Take vitamins!
Eat healthy!
And ask for help!!