If you read my last post you read about Max’s fun filled birthday weekend last weekend! This weekend it was time for some more fun! Someone thought it was a good idea to schedule a bunch of things during our weekend again. Someone thinks we are energizer bunnies! Yes, I know, what was I thinking??? I ask myself that question regularly!

Let’s begin our weekend by taking our kids to Disney on ice. I was done after that. I was ready for a nap! I talked myself into being a good mom and going to watch Max’s soccer game. Why don’t I give myself permission to rest? Why didn’t I lay down and cuddle the girls at home? There will be a ton of soccer games to watch. I push myself and go to the game. It is ok to stay home and rest I tell myself as a mental note for another time! I am a better mom when I am well rested! I really do love watching Max play soccer and I don’t want to miss it!

We come home from soccer and I help Ella get ready for her dance! Seth and Ella are going off to the Girl scout father daughter dance. I watch them leave and my eyes fill with tears. I know my husband and I know this is a dream come true for him! I love how Ella loves her daddy! It is so precious!

Lillie is at my parents house and Max and I head to meet friends at Dave and busters! A kids casino is what I would call Dave and Busters! Max has a blast and I leave happy, tired, and with a headache! Do any parents leave Dave and Busters happy?

I go to bed thinking I cannot believe Max’s party is tomorrow. I cannot believe that his birthday stuff isn’t over!! Please let it be over!

I get everything organized for the party and hope that I am remembering everything! Things to remember:
Favors and
Scissors to cut Ella’s pizza

I get a few texts from friends! One friend is telling me she decided they aren’t coming. Her daughter had the stomach flu badly and she doesn’t want to bring any potential germs from her, her son, or her daughter. Can I tell you how thoughtful this is! Can I tell you how much I love and appreciate this friend! We missed them but that was very sweet of her! Thank you friend xoxo

We load up the car and are on our way downtown. I hate going downtown. Oh, and, I forgot to mention that Seth and I booked a party at a place that we have never been to! This is the second time I did this and the first time worked out! Let’s hope I am two for two! Let’s just say I am pretty nervous!

The only thing Max wanted for his birthday was an American Ninja warrior party. Seth and Max watch the tv show and Max is super excited to have an American ninja warrior birthday party (and so is Seth)!! Is the party for my son or my husband?

We find the place and meet the owner. So far so good! The place isn’t big like I pictured but is very cool! They are going to organize stations for the kids to do but where is the party room?? The owner assures us the kids will eat on the floor and that it will go well and that he does a ton of birthday parties. Ok, let’s take his word for it!

I say a prayer for all the kids to be safe (no accidents on my watch please) and the party runs smoothly! They have the kids running through stations for an hour and everyone seems to be having a fabulous time. Seth even got one of the dad’s to join in with him!! I see Seth and Max trying one thing after another and I smile! My men are so happy! Not just my men though….I look over and see Ella and Lillie trying everything too. My whole family is happy and their friends are happy too! This feeling is amazing! Can I bottle it and save this feeling for many hours (instead of just the one and a half hour party). Let’s not discuss what we paid for this one and a half hour party! Let’s keep the total spent out of my husband’s earshot!

The kids have pizza and chicken fingers and then dive into the magnificent American Ninja Warrior cake that my friend made for Max! Is it really over?! How does it go so fast? One hour and a half is too short for a birthday party!

Everything is dragged home and Max dives into all the generous thoughtful presents! Minecraft, nerf guns, soccer ball, football, gift cards, games…..max is one lucky kid is all I can say! Thank you friends! Thank you for celebrating with Max! Thank you for the generous gifts! Thank you for being such great friends! Let’s not forget the amazing grandparents! They are at every event! Soccer, Theatre, baseball, birthdays, you name it they are there to see us and be supportive!

We clean up the big giant mess and organize his presents (mostly) and I see that we have to get ready for our friends birthday party! Yes! I know! My family and everyone else thinks I am crazy right now! So do I! Ella and Lillie are excited to go swimming and see our friends but Max is toast! He wants to go to my parents and rest but Seth makes him come with us. Note to self: it is ok to overrule my husband when I think he is wrong. Max needed to rest. Yes, sometimes my amazing, wonderful husband is wrong!

We head to the Y and get our kids dressed for the pool. They swim and have a blast and then Max is ready to go home and crash. My friend puts out a nice spread of food and the girls are perfectly easy and content. Max is moping and wanting to leave. Max is at that place. That place of no return! That place of driving me completely nuts! Why did we bring him? Oh yes! Thank you Seth!

The weekend ends and yes I am tired but I feel so thankful! I spent too much money (so sorry honey) but we had a blast! My son had an amazing party and we saw so many friends and family members this weekend! I absolutely love going to Disney on Ice! Forget the kids! I want to go for me! Feeling tired! Feeling blessed! Feeling happy that I have zero scheduled tomorrow! Seth will be running to work to get a break!!